What If

What If... 
you step out in the darkness and be the light give the message of hope to a hopeless life you walk by faith and not by sight you stand resolutely in fearful night 

And What If...
the battle sets in you start to sing the crowd has no interest you feel the sting the prisoner questions the message you bring the listener mocks your heart offering

What If...
your fear has become reality the day holds more tears than joy and peace there's a thousand failures you can see your strength has lost its stability

Then What If...
The Lord says this is His glorious work He promises rest in His arms of love His burden is light you take up the yoke By grace of the Spirit as a gentle dove

What If...
The Lord is strength in your time of weakness fills you with hope for all the hopeless He overcame sin with a great forgiveness He runs to meet you makes you blameless

Such a life, hidden in Christ, is beautiful indeed!
There may be ever so many what-ifs
but He has triumphed over them all by His…

Books and A Painting

Upon spotting a piece of wall art stashed away in a dark corner on the floor of the thrift shop I circled around the dining table and various odds and ends of furniture in order to get a better look. After studying it a few moments I went in search of my daughter Jacquelyn for a second opinion.

Is this piece worth the $19.99 price tag?

Do I want to give it a go?

She thought it worth a try, both of us pretty sure a quick and easy freshening up of the frame would make it shine, so it came home with us.

I chose white chalk paint and applied several coats. The mat has fewer coats of paint, which adds a bit of definition.

The lighter frame does indeed make all the difference. The painting gives off an aura of warmth and serenity that perfectly complements the furnishings in our living room.

Whether or not it will fit in with the decor is a wise consideration before buying a piece of art but that's not the way it worked this time. Something about the feel of it convinced me initially, b…

Weaver's Garden Tour

"A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them."
Liberty Hyde Bailey American Horticulturalist

Earlier this month I was invited to tour my friends' garden situated in the rolling hills of Holmes County, Ohio. It was an unusual experience in that I am more accustomed to helping with the planting, weeding, and trimming of flowers than walking among them with my camera in hand.

The Weaver Gardens were part of the Holmes County Garden Tour, which took place on July 7. I was graciously offered a ticket, and with the Weavers' permission, I share the inspiring views with you on this beautiful summer morning.

I can assure you that a lot of sweat and toil went into preparing the grounds for this occasion! My contribution was only a small portion in comparison to the rest of the crew. The lawn and gardens are looking neatly groomed and ready for th…