Armoire Amendment

Old-fashioned as the concept may be to some, I believe work and productivity is never time wasted. What to one is only mindless, unnecessary activity, to another may be a profitable piece of work.

Even though this large cupboard was in fine usable condition, I did not love the look of it. Winter seemed a great time to tackle the update.

This job of refinishing an armoire is nothing too daunting, but there is a sense of accomplishment in taking a piece of furniture from outdated to refreshingly up-to-date. I had the paint and sandpaper, plus spray paint for the hardware. All I needed was the right day to get started. It finally arrived!

I removed all the handles but left the hinges, sanded the whole piece - very lightly with 220-grit sandpaper - then it was out with the yellow-orange stain and in with the white chalk paint. I debated whether to give it a second coat. It looked a bit unpolished for my taste.

In the end, the decision was a practical one. I simply ran out of paint. The ne…

Snowy Saturday Synopsis

Some days the plans hold true and some days they simply do not. To the disappointment of one and the delight of another, our original schedule was tossed aside. But in the end, all of us were totally thrilled. What follows is a simple summary of our snowy day at home.

When I first glanced out the window in the early morning, I was delighted to see our forecast of snow had come true. Last night it was freezing rain, ice, and very little fluffiness.

But this morning? Pure, pleasing, perfectly pretty puffs of powder.

After confirming cancellation of plans, my husband and I sat by the fireside for another cup of coffee, this time shared. Isn't it always made sweeter for companionship? We don't get up at the same time and don't often have coffee together, so it was a gift for us both.

In preparation for Jacki's commute to Rebecca's Bistro, I dug out the shovel and started the SUV. The doors were frozen shut and had to be forced open, the wipers were buried in ice and h…

Lose Your Life

Early this morning, before I arose to meet the day, these words spoke peace to my heart...

"For whosoever  will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever  will lose his life for my sake shall find it." Matthew 16:25

It's a clear direction with which to face the present conflict. A strange word to choose - conflict - when I'm told to surrender, but there is that to consider while embroiled in a battle. It may seem I'm recklessly throwing myself into the mud. It does not feel safe. But if the Holy Spirit whispers a word in my ear, I know it is the best and safest choice.
Surrender. Yield. Let go. Lose your life.
In the Kingdom of Heaven, you will save your life only if you give it away.
With that, my soul can be calm and face another day. 

Because, in truth, there are many accusations arising against me. The enemy of my soul does not tire of tearing me down. You are proud, defensive, selfish, weak, fearful, insecure, stressed, mistaken. I do not deny that the stru…

Yoder Christmas Tradition #3

Slowly making our way along the winding road down through the snow-covered forest, I am awed by the breathtaking beauty. We are leaving our vacation village and heading for my sister Kris' house in Sandpoint. There are a few more days of celebration left before we fly across the country again.

This city at the bottom of the mountain got a blanket of snow over the past few days, but the sun broke through the clouds and shone happily on the day. Upon arrival, we shoveled our way to the front door of Kris and Jared's house, unloaded the SUV, then started down the snowy street on foot.

We captured a few photos of the frozen landscape on our walk through the streets and down to Lake Pend Oreille. Yes, we do indeed take a lot of walks! And just look at what we get to see because of it...

There is an undeniable majesty in snowy mountaintops, sparkling blue skies, and wide open spaces touched by the light of brilliant sunshine that speaks to my heart and compels me to praise the Crea…