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Some of my thoughts of late...

I have to trust God. When the giants are huge, the fears overwhelming, I choose to trust Him. When I've failed...again...I get back up and believe He still loves and forgives and saves me.

We like to think everything will fall into place delightfully and peacefully if God controls our lives and we've surrendered to Him. The truth is that He allows trials to test our faith in Him. These same problems cause us to need Him. The breaking of our self-will, of our own strength, makes way for the Holy Spirit to completely fill our lives.

In 1 Samuel there's an example of God bringing deliverance, but it's certainly not in the way we would plan. David killed the giant and it seemed the kingdom of Israel would soon be his. He had already been anointed as the next king. Instead, he ends up running from Saul and hiding out in caves. In the place of captivity, David refreshed himself in God. He had to wait for God's time, God's deliverance..…