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The carpenter and his wife

It's just that every now and then vanity sets in. I'm being honest here! I don't like having bumps, bruises, and scratches, but it goes right along with carpentry. I'm the wife but somehow I get involved once and again. This story is about the little injuries.

My man has a day job, somewhat connected to carpentry, but I'm talking about those evening and Saturday jobs (oh, and all those houses we've renovated together) he sometimes takes. Note: it usually has something to do with a sagging bank account. We call them "side jobs" and they range from windows to siding to roofs to trim to decks, etc...

This particular job is a deck for a pretty little cabin on the top of Stone Mountain. It's a rather larger job than some. The deck is on the second floor, off the back of the house, and about 40 feet long. But it's not nearly as bad as the tiny metal roof we just finished the other night, where Julian, Jacki, and I had to hand…