The Carpenter and His Wife

It's just that every now and then vanity sets in. I'm being honest here! I don't like having bumps, bruises, and scratches, but it goes right along with carpentry. I'm the wife but somehow I get involved once and again. This story is about the little injuries.

My man has a day job, somewhat connected to carpentry, but I'm talking about those evening and Saturday jobs (oh, and all those houses we've renovated together) he sometimes takes. Note: it usually has something to do with a sagging bank account. We call them "side jobs" and they range from windows to siding to roofs to trim to decks, etc...

This particular job is a deck for a pretty little cabin on the top of Stone Mountain. It's a rather larger job than some. The deck is on the second floor, off the back of the house, and about 40 feet long. But it's not nearly as bad as the tiny metal roof we just finished the other night, where Julian, Jacki, and I had to hand up 17 foot long pieces of metal to Dale (the carpenter) up on the roof. That was scary, even though it was a smaller job.

On the first evening at the deck job I carried and stacked lumber from the demolition and removed old rusty nails from the boards. As I walked along the pile of lumber I got a nice, long scratch on the outside of my leg, a very visible part, just above the ankle a bit. Rusty nails are not good, but it's a minor scratch, and when I get home, I apply peroxide and drawing salve to aid in the healing process. 

But now my leg has a long scratch mark, will have it for...days, weeks. That's where the vanity comes in. I don't like being bruised. 

The next evening on the job I was helping Dale reinforce the deck joists, so I had to be on a ladder. His position was much more precarious than mine, as he crawled on hands and knees on the top of these joists. But he's a man and has done this for years and years.  I have limited experience in comparison and I'm a woman.

Now, I consider myself reasonably safe. I don't take huge risks and tend to be more cautious. But I was trying to keep up with both Dale and Julian. I helped Julian, our son,  cut the lumber, then handed the pieces to Dale and climbed the ladder to hold one end in place while he screwed in the other end. 

I scurried up the ladder after handing the joist to Dale and...whoosh...there goes my ladder! I am left hanging from the joists, toes dangling several feet above the ground. To be quite honest, I wasn't in any great danger and I was glad I had the presence of mind to grab the joist with both hands, but it seemed scary for a few seconds! Dale told me to jump, so I kicked the ladder was out of my way, I jumped down to safety.

But, this means I have more scrapes and bruises. Mostly on my elbows. It feels like brush burn and it's more nasty marks on my skin. I fuss half-jokingly about not liking this at all...and it's just a week before my sister comes from Montana for an all-girls vacation for her 30th birthday. Please, I don't want to be all banged up. Vanity again.

Our daughter, Jacki, tells me that I should be proud of the bruises because it means I work hard, and that's better than being a Saudi princess :) She just read a trilogy of books about the lives of princesses in Saudi Arabia and thinks it's surreal and boring...sleep, eat, dress up, party, shop, and so on. It does not appeal to her in the least bit. Me either, but don't think I'd mind it once in awhile. Just a few days here and there would be fine!

I'm a country girl, born and raised in that life-style, and I love it. But I don't want to be all beat-up-looking just because I work hard. Foolishness, I suppose. But then, paint, powder, and polish isn't my thing either. I like clean and neat and pretty. I'm just asking for somewhere in between. Not too polished and not too earthy.

So, what is my conclusion on being The Carpenter's Wife (who's husband is also a musician and a preacher, but that's for another time - The Life of the Musician's Wife and The Life of the Preacher's Wife - perhaps!)? I would not trade it for any other life because he loves me, I love him, and God brought us together in an amazing way. I even enjoy the work. The challenge, the adventure, and the reward of a job well done, not to mention the huge amounts of appreciation from my man, make it a fulfilling and interesting line of work. When I married him, I promised to be there to help and support, no matter what. I am striving to do just that. Perspective, that's what I need when I get bruised on the job.

But I'm pretty sure someone out there feels my pain! And if you know of the perfect cream, powder, or essential oil to heal scratches and bruises really fast, I might just be interested. Because when I go to meet my sister at the airport next week I don't want to have bruises! 

And sometimes the carpenter and his wife get dressed up and go out together!


  1. Love the post Karyn. I would say you and I are pretty much on the same page here. Gardening & growing things make me happy -and I enjoy hard work as well, but at times I mournfully look at my feet & sigh. It does feel good to get the garden out of the feet at times. :)I was trimming raspberries the other day & you can imagine what it did to my arms. Anyway -this made me smile.

    1. Raspberries are really bad, but I agree, these things make me happy too!

  2. from the beautiful pictures you share of your home, I would say that you and your "carpenter" work very well together! :) I also know that you and your "musician" sing very well together. Not sure what to say about you and your "preacher". Never heard you preach! heehee! may your bruises heal quickly and leave no scars!

    1. Thanks...and I am happy to say you never will hear me preach!

  3. Yep. Totally know the feeling! Wanting to be a DIY-er, and accomplish much, yet wanting to feel pretty and feminine! Great post.

    1. Yes, feminine yet DIY is exactly right :)


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