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A Most Unusual Vacation!

How our unplanned vacation came to be!
After spending the weekend at a camp meeting in North Carolina, which we enjoyed very much, the question was whether to make a beeline for home or spend a few days on vacation. Now, I absolutely love the idea of vacation. Who doesn't? It gets me excited and I start planning, looking up websites, delighting in the thought of time off. This time my attitude was quite different.

Some issues had come up in our family, difficulties I was unwilling to tackle while on vacation, so the easy route led north to PA and my safe, secure, familiar home. Why go on vacation if I dread it? My exasperating (at least to me right at the time) husband thought otherwise! He was quite sure it was not only a good idea to take off several days, after an extremely busy few months, but even went so far as to say he thinks that is what God wants us to do. One thing he said did actually make sense to me and that was the fact that this time together as a family could be jus…