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A Beautiful Woman...Part 1

What is a beautiful woman to look like? How does she act? Where does her security come from? Can I ever attain to that high status? I won't even pretend that I might be the only one to ask those questions because, if you are a female, you most likely want to know the answers, too!

I will attempt to share the story of my search for answers! This is a process of many years duration for me, but I will write it as a three day event, to try to make it more readable!  I don't claim to be an expert on the subject. But I am finding God to be a faithful and patient Teacher!

Day 1...
It's another morning in which I desperately need help from God. My heart is heavy with foreboding once again. My whole body is weighed down with weakness, aching, and lethargy. I have no energy. I feel like I am under a heavy, debilitating, wet blanket. I believe the promises of God but am struggling to hold onto hope.

My little scripture card for this days reads..."The mountains shall depart...but…