A Beautiful Woman...Part 2

The continuation of yesterday's post...

I have had a longing to know God's version of a beautiful woman. I believe He has a perfectly lovely plan for even the most ruined life to be made whole and beautiful. Do you ever feel like you need your mind renewed, due to all the lies we are fed in today's culture? I do! His standard of purity and beauty is not unattainable.

I want Him to open my heart to hear His voice calling...

Day 2...
I open my Bible. After all the love and mercy Jesus poured into my life, why do I approach Song of Songs so tentatively, cautiously, and even fearfully? Does it mean I'm afraid He won't accept me this time, or is it that I feel unprepared and unworthy? Then (on a side note) I wonder - do I approach my husband in the same manner?

Looking into my heart for a moment, I feel pretty sure I couldn't possibly be attractive to Jesus. How can I become both attractive and secure in His love? What is it that makes me lovely to Jesus? I want to know Him. I want to be secure in Him. Incidentally, I also want this in my relationship with my husband!

The first part of Song of Songs 3 describes what I've been pondering. "One night as I lay in bed, I yearned for my Lover...so I said to myself, 'I will search for the One I love.'" I really do want a relationship with Him. Finding Him requires searching, seeking, asking.

Here is His response to me from Song of Songs 3: "Look, it is Solomon's carriage, surrounded by sixty heroic men, the best of Israel's soldiers. They are all skilled swordsmen, experienced warriors. Each wears a sword on his thigh, ready to defend the king against an attack in the night. King Solomon's carriage is built of wood imported from Lebanon. Its posts are silver, its canopy gold; it's cushions are purple, it was decorated with love..."

Amazing! He has a strong and skillful army specially trained to defend His bride against attacks in the night (that dark time when I am searching for Him). Again, I am overwhelmed by His care and love for me. For some reason, beyond my capacity to comprehend, my search for Jesus resulted in Him coming to me again. Why, O why, is He so responsive?

As if to reinforce His love and care, He comes with a host of fighting men to dispel the enemy. And He's not riding in a rickety cart! He arrives in a magnificent carriage in elegant array, decorated with love. It's breathtaking!

I feel I've missed so much by having misconceptions of who this Jesus really is. How sad it must make Him when those who say they are His don't actually live in Him. He is Love, Mercy, Compassion, Redeemer, Friend, Bridegroom. Instead of basking in His full provision, we barely survive on the very outskirts of His estate.

We have completely missed the fact that He is the One who makes us beautiful!

But how do I stay in Him? How does He make me beautiful?

To be continued...