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My Light

There is that verse for the second time in a week...

"Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my Light." Micah 7:8

Both times it seemed to be highlighted just for me. I really stopped and took notice today. The fact is, I feel like I am sitting in darkness much of the time, due to the intense, ongoing struggle. I am sure it's not only my struggle, we all have issues that leave us in the dark. But what to do with it all?

Again and again, I am confronted with the darkness within...resentments, criticisms, hurts, jealousies, fears, could be a whole host of other problems. These tempt me with a mighty vengeance, fighting to plunge my soul into eternal death.

I am not depressed, I still have that inexplicable rest, joy pushes through the battle lines, but the war is real and I get hit, dropping to the ground many a time.

What is God saying to me? He is trying to get me to realize that He is still my Light in the midst of my great need and failure. Why? Be…