Dwellings...Our Parade of Ten Homes in Twenty Years

1. Beginnings

I'm excited to begin a series on our homes. My husband and I are approaching our twentieth wedding anniversary and have lived in ten different homes since we got married back in 1993! This seemed an appropriate season in which to celebrate memories made throughout all those years. Wow! Does is ever bring on an attack of nostalgia.

Dale and I...twenty years ago

Our first home was in a barn converted into apartments. Ours was in the lower middle section. We had one window in the entire apartment...claustrophobia! But we both worked at Weavercraft, so I didn't have to sit there in that confined little space day after day.

There were two small bedrooms, a bath, eat-in kitchen, and the living room. Most of the furnishings were provided, so we bought very little those first two years. It was a happy little place! 

Our little Honda CRX is parked out front. That car has special memories attached to it. The first time I went anywhere with Dale was in that little two-seater. I was so nervous and excited, I scarcely knew what was happening to me! Hearts aflutter! We chattered the whole way and my life was forever changed!

Here are a few photos of settling into our new home, unpacking and setting up house. Dale got this toolbox as a wedding gift from his dad.

I had piles of dishes to unpack and put into the kitchen cabinets. How fun it was to have my very own house to put in order and decorate. I was fairly clueless but up for the challenge!

Of course, there was no internet, at least not for us. Back then, I was not really interested in reading decorating books or magazines, I couldn't search online for ideas, and most certainly didn't get millions of colorful photos on Pinterest. My inspiration came from our home and friends' homes. It just wasn't a big deal. I used what I had and plopped it anywhere I wanted.

Dale gets ready to set up the rolltop desk I bought for him. We still have it to this day. Jacki uses it for her school desk.

Mom and my sisters admire it after set-up!

Mom helps with cleaning

Must have been an evening of games with friends and family. My sister Renee' is on the left and Christina Detweiler (now my sister-in-law Christina Yoder) is on the right.

My brother Keith on the left and Harold Mast on the right.

Dale didn't appreciate the camera on him back then and still doesn't. The solution...make faces!

So begins the household of Schmucker in a tiny apartment in Pennsylvania! We lived there for about 2 years, then moved down the street to a cute brick cottage.

I thank God for bringing Dale into my life. It is a beautiful life because of Jesus!

To be continued...


  1. Thanks for sharing your marriage beginnings, Karyn. I look forward to hearing more. :)

  2. Wonderful Beginnings!!!


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