Dwellings...Our Parade of Ten Homes in Twenty Years

3. To Buy A House

Welcome to house number three of the parade! Only this time, we find ourselves buying a house quite without planning to do so.

I can't seem to locate many photos of this house, but here is one of the exterior after we added a garage and put new siding and shutters on it. We had ideas about building a second story on top, but it never happened. It was in a lovely country setting and had a few acres to go with it.

Ahem, the colors are interesting, bright, unusual...and I so totally would not do red, white, and blue today! Call it the changing of styles, or call it using what is available. Dale was in the construction business and had a lot of leftover blue siding from a job, so he wanted to use it on our house. I wrapped my brain around it and agreed. But why did I have to put red with it? Live and learn...

Back to why we bought in the first place. It happened like this. We were not even on the market for a house. I saw no possibility of buying our own home in the near future because that seemed like too huge a step for our financial situation. But God had other ideas! By the way, that is often the case, as I've discovered along the way! I'm not blaming God, I really think this was in His plan.

Enter friends of ours who planned to move out of the country on mission work and wanted to sell their house. They simply asked if we would consider buying it. I was not too interested, to be honest, but we decided to go look at it and consider our options. It wasn't my dream home, but the thought of having our very own house to do with as we please was rather appealing, and it would help our friends too. The long and short of it is that we got clearance from the bank and bought it in a very short matter of time.

On to the inside of our place. Dale built a lovely corner bookshelf/entertainment center for me. Again, I seriously have issues with that green color and gold hardware, but it's a sign of the times, I guess! Hunter green was very in style back then. As to hardware, I hardly knew I had any other options.

A momentous occasion in this stage of the journey...the birth of our second child, Jacquelyn Joy Schmucker, in 1998! We felt extremely blessed with this new little life. Her name means refreshing, renewing, and of course, joy. That is just what she added to our little family. She was given to us by God in the middle of some pretty dark times, and Dale and I both knew she was a gift of joy from God.

Words cannot describe the beauty and fulfillment I have been allowed to experience in my short lifetime! Yes, the trials are many. Yes, the children aren't perfect. Yes, my husband and I don't always see eye to eye. But God is working ALL THINGS for our good and His glory. So I am content.

Our happy little offspring! They were the best little friends and so good for each other. Julian was kind and affectionate to his little sister. She brightened his days and helped set his mind and body in motion.

O, and the colorful wallpaper and border - that was my idea. These days, I spend an awful lot of time removing wallpaper and wonder why I ever put the stuff on walls away back then!

Visits from Mommy and Doddy (Dale's parents) were a highlight for all of us.

Another highlight was when my parents came to visit from Montana and we had extended family over to visit and play.

By this time, we knew there was indeed something "different" about Julian. We struggled with feeling we were not teaching and training him properly. Somehow it was not working the way it should. A friend of mine asked if I had ever heard of autism. No, I had no clue what it was. She told me about a program she listened to on the radio and how it made her think of Julian. 

Thank God for that friend! I began to research autism and couldn't get around the fact that our son did seem to fit the category all too well. But what do we do? Those were tumultuous days. It's been a journey of learning, and leaning on God's grace and wisdom. I still have a lot of questions, but God has brought answers when we needed them. He is our Guide, Counselor, Father, and all we need! I truly believe Julian is a special gift from God to us. 

Julian and Jacquelyn were the best of friends. I still marvel at how well they balanced each other out.

We lived at this place for over 3 years. Believe it or not, I was the one who started getting an itch to move again. I wanted to buy an old place and fix it up. I thought we might be able to get ahead financially if we started way at the bottom, especially since we could use the money from this place (after mortgage payoff) to make repairs on an old fixer-upper. It seemed we weren't getting anywhere here because our money was tied up in mortgage payments.

Thus began my perusal of real estate, for better or worse... pretty sure Dale thought worse many a time!

And yet, all the while God is at work, painting the portrait of our lives in His own perfect way.

To be continued...


  1. Wow, It is amazing and wonderful that you kept a ledger like this!!!!


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