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Marriage Celebrated

My husband and I diverted from the ordinary and took a weekend off to spend time together. Just us. Not ministry or family or reunion or business. Dale told me to decide where I want to go and plan it! Wow! We hadn't done anything like this for years, so my head was spinning!

The idea was to Celebrate Our Marriage! Joy in all God has given to us! Remember all He has brought us through in these twenty years of marriage.

Twenty years ago on our wedding day! Young and in love...

Here we are twenty years later! Still young and still in love!!!

I'll tell you a little secret. The idea of planning a weekend for us actually intimidated me and I got shy about it. It is absolutely ridiculous, I know! But I panicked over what we would do because our routine family vacation finds Dale and Julian doing their thing and Jacquelyn and I taking a different route for a good part of the day, in among the shared festivities. We've found a delightful (and sometimes annoying) arrangement that w…