Room by Room No.3

Jacquelyn's Lil Alcove

Of all the rooms in this multi-level house of many rooms Jacquelyn's bedroom has received the most attention. I wonder why? It's a long story and I don't look so good in it so maybe I shouldn't tell. But thankfully, it has a happy ending!

The first time we saw this particular room it looked like this…

The wallpaper was a border only, thankfully, though even that was nasty to remove. I love the wide baseboard and old-fashioned doors. We replaced the replacement windows because they were less than efficient; there was evidence of plastic taped around the windows to keep out cold air. We had wood floors to uncover, a stained carpet, and ceiling tiles to banish.

Some elements to love and others to hate, but ultimately, we will create a boudoir our daughter will love!

Ever anxious to discover beauty hidden underneath ugly, Jacki and I tore into the ceiling tiles months ago in hopes of finding plaster and possibly even bead board. It wasn't a pretty sight. The plaster was there but nearly destroyed. Removing those strips would have effectively completed the destruction. Uh-oh!

Note: this is the part where I messed up! My husband wasn't impressed with our sudden foray into remodeling in Jacki's bedroom because of so many other projects in greater need of attention. Apologies and humblings ensued…and much time elapsed until we could tackle the ceiling again. I wonder, do other wives do these things?

The time finally came! Husband and wife agreed to tackle the project together with son and daughter!

The four of us man-handled 12 foot pieces of drywall from the patio below, in through the window (where our son Julian is standing in the next photo) and up onto the ceiling.

You see, we decided the estimate we got for a pro to do it was too high, knowing that we could actually do it ourselves and save hugely. That is what happens if you're a DIY family!

Next time (I am sure there will be a next time!) we'll need a little more equipment, but we did manage to push and shove those heavy pieces into place!

While a few of us stood on ladders or atop the mattress holding the drywall in place with hands, arms, heads, whatever worked, Dale quickly screwed it into place all around us.

After applying joint compound, sanding, and painting the ceiling (the walls and trim had been painted earlier), we couldn't wait to get our hands on that carpet. 

We had discovered hardwood underneath the carpet way back in April of this year, even though we were told by a former owner that the house didn't have wood floors upstairs. O Joy!

Question is…was it usable? Was it finished? Would it be patched? It appeared to be at least acceptable, but you can't be sure until the carpet and padding are removed. In November we got to pull it all out!

The date stamped on the back of the carpet was 1997, so it was obviously installed within the last 20 years. But in 2013, it is going...



The radiant beam of sunlight expresses my feelings on the matter! Can you envision the floor with a dark, rich jacobean stain? That's happening sometime in the future, hopefully sooner rather than later.

The tedious part was removing the nail-strips all around the room. You will find a variety of gouges in these areas if you look closely, but it's okay. That's the beauty of working with old homes, it doesn't have to be perfect to be lovely!

We put Jacki's old furnishings back into the room for awhile. In midsummer a friend of ours asked if we could use a set of bedroom furniture his client wanted to get rid of before she got the new set.

Sure, we'll take it, sight unseen! I was not expecting it to be pretty (she's giving it away after all) but we didn't ask a lot of questions about free furniture!

We were pleasantly surprised at the cute pieces and knew we could make it work for Jacki's room!

That became a drawn-out process as well…cleaning, priming, painting, distressing, waxing, buffing…

Jacki chose white with a mint accent (Valspar cool marine), based on this inspiration from our trip to St. Augustine, FL. The piece we really liked is the four-drawer dresser on the right in this photo...

Jacki helped with sanding/distressing

Distressing furniture isn't something we've done much so we are learning as we go. This little door is too cute! It goes in the center front of the dresser.

Around the middle of December we finally moved the new-to-us furniture into the bedroom and put it all back together. Since then, we've been working on a new silhouette, bird cage, pom poms, bunting, etc…to add a dash of sparkle and charm to the walls! 

This is Jacquelyn's new bedroom!

So many pretty accessories brighten up her room!

This suitcase got a few coats of white paint then she added name cards of places we've visited!

Part of the decor is gifts from friends…

We are quite happy with the details of her new furniture! It was fun to try a totally new way of painting…new for me, anyway!

The pom poms and bunting were Jacki's project, I painted the bird cage several times before it was the right color, she arranged the little bird and it's nest, and we helped each other hang it all above her bed, with the aid of fishing line, tape, and a hook for the cage!

The girl on a bike is a pencil color sketch that Jacki drew on canvas!

The chalkboard is an old mirror we painted, the desk and chair are repainted yard sale finds, and the sketchbook and photo frame are gifts from friends. 

Yes, this room is truly a reflection of our daughter Jacquelyn! She is a joy in our home and we thank God for her!

We are quite delighted with the transformation in this room of the house! New ceiling and windows, fresh white paint, wood floors, and newly painted furniture for very little cost to us, just a whole lot of labor and time. Now on to the next target!

Each new achievement leads to a threshold of opportunity in another area of this grand old dwelling!


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