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Merry Wanderings...Day 9

"Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father."  ~Matthew 13:43
Is it not a glorious sight? While driving along in the morning sunshine I read that verse and was SO inspired. How I long for my life to shine forth as the sun for my amazing Father and His Son, Jesus!

There is no doubt about it, we are delighted to see the sun shining at last. Sadly, it was a cold and windy 38* outside here in Gulfport, Mississippi, so I snapped a few photos and hopped back into the car. 

Jacki is now quite convinced the warmth of the South is way overrated. I understand, if you go to the deep south and encounter the temps we've had, you really do have to wonder about the 70's and 80's in mid-winter that you hear about!

Dale ate some mixed nuts on the journey and they did not at all agree with his stomach. If you've ever heard his and Julian's fiasco with smoked almonds while fishing, you will know a little of how he feels, only this was a mini a…

Merry Wanderings...Day 8

New Orleans. Our last day here has come and gone already. For all of us, it has been immensely interesting and pleasing to explore this city in the deep south. But we all agree we are happy to move on.
Gracious Bakery + Cafe was another recommendation  by Joy the Bakerand, since she lives here,  we believe she might have the inside scoop on the best and tastiest!

And we were quite right to think so. Everything we've tried has been wonderfully good. Hurray for blogs and internet to enhance the travel experience!

Our internet service at the apartment was spotty and we've taken to using wifi at cafe's. 

The guys and girls split up for the day. We are visiting another plantation. They are riding the St. Charles Street Trolley to see the city from that perspective.

Ohio State University is playing in the Sugar Bowl down here on New Year's Day. Interestingly, Dale and Julian saw the team come into town with 4 busses and a whole posse of policemen on cycles to direct and clear stree…

Merry Wanderings...Day 7

Today marks the halfway point of our trip and, as is our custom here in New Orleans, we begin the day with a cafe. These pastries are from Manhattan Jack, a recommendation from a local blogger (Joy the Baker) that Jacki found a number of years ago. It was, or course, great for the taste buds!

Dale has been on the lookout for a barber shop and we happened on this one, on a Monday, no less! He got an expensive but tidy trim!

While he sat in there, we drove up the street to Audubon Park and took a stroll through lovely landscapes. Not Julian, you may be sure! He stayed in the Sequoia and read his book, then couldn't figure out how to unlock it for me when we returned so that our alarm honked loudly for a time. Somehow, we figured it out and peace was restored!

Audobon Park...

Next destination - The French Quarter!

Perhaps the holidays have something to do with it, but street musicians abound!

This lady was absolutely fabulous on her clarinet, pouring her entire soul into it!

Jacki in a hat …