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Before dawn I glanced out the window and saw a bright morning star. There was a faint band of light and color beginning to appear along the ridge tops, but the star was sparkling in the predawn sky. 

That is how I believe I see Jesus. He really is exceedingly bright and glorious, just like that star would be if I was much nearer to it. But even this faraway view of Jesus is bright for me.

About an hour later the sun burst over the horizon and there was no possibility of seeing that star any longer. It still shone as brightly as ever but I could not see it. It's light had been surpassed by the brilliance of the sun. 

That is what I long for in relation to Jesus Christ. I long to see more and more of Him so that He becomes brighter and brighter, not just a tiny star but the entire sun with the capacity to illuminate my whole life!

I Corinthians 2 speaks of Jesus, the ultimate Wisdom for life. Do I truly desire His Wisdom? Then I must believe in and receive His Spirit, for that is how I …

Room By Room No.2

Julian's Haven

Number two in the series is our son's bedroom and it truly reflects his interests. I love how he stays occupied when there's nothing requiring his attention otherwise, though his desire to have said occupation taped to the walls of his bedroom would not have been my first choice! But it is his room, after all, and I'm glad he has an opinion on decor!

Ready to repurpose!

This was actually the guest room when we moved in a year ago but we switched things up to utilize the spaces more efficiently, i.e., Julian's bed is smaller and his furniture fits better in this space, so out with the guest room furniture and in with the son's stuff.

Oh, and he loves going out on the balcony to read his books aloud. The door opening onto the balcony is off his bedroom now. Lucky guy, I say!

Same as the guest room, the carpeting and tile ceilings remain but the room has been given a blanket of white all around and has a new window. 

In Julian's old room he had put up…

Room By Room No.1

Our Guest Bedroom

Throughout the coming year or two or three or four I will make an attempt to document our family's progress in renovating our home. But wait, is it even possible for us to remain in one house for four years? We sincerely hope it is even though we have no proof! May our sojourn at this dwelling break the record.

First up is the bedroom set aside for overnight guests. I always feel so rich when I live in a house that actually has an extra room for this express purpose! It is by no means completed, but the basics have been done to give it a facelift. 

Here is what it looked like when we first came to see the house over a year ago. 

Empty and ready for a good scrubbing

After installing new windows; removing several wallpaper borders that were layered on top of each other; painting trim, doors, and walls; then moving in the furniture, this is the new look!

Entrance from the landing 

We have so many lovely hydrangeas planted around the house so I put them in bouquets that las…

White World!

It is a frozen landscape out there and I delight in it. What follows is an attempt to capture the beauty with my very limited photography skills.

The snow dazzles the eye and sparkles in the the early morning sunshine.

I love life in our little village but I'll admit there are times I crave less noise and distraction in photos and in real life! Take this gorgeous sunrise, for example.

There are some things you cannot and will not have if you live in a village. One, in particular, is unobstructed views of the splendor of a sunrise.

I have to lay eyes on this gigantic silo on the eastern ridge as it stares back at me every time I want to enjoy the sunrise.

Then too, the power lines everywhere can never be removed, at least not until some genius devises a plan for totally underground electricity, which I hope will happen someday! And, naturally, in a village there will always be other buildings all around, not to mention roads with traffic, etc...

Nonetheless, I choose contentment, compati…

One Year Later

To look back one year from today is to be almost blown away be the multiplied abundance of God's blessings to our family. I am awed and humbled…and so relieved that I am not where I was a year ago!

This is what we were doing, after a long, teary drive from PA…

God bless each of the dear people who helped us move out of our house in Pennsylvania and into our new home in Ohio on January 1, 2013!

It was cold and snowy, and a holiday on top of everything, but still there was a large crowd of willing friends who lent a hand.

Here is my journal entry concerning that momentous day in our history...

Page 2…

Looking back, God has fulfilled His promises to overflowing! Why should I ever fear to follow Him? I glorify His name for providing for us above and beyond our expectation.

~ a lovely home
~ a beautiful church family
~ a cute village
~ a job my husband loves
~ a job our son loves
~ a bountiful supply of friends
~ a rest in our Father

The red door in the photo is simply crowded with fri…