Before dawn I glanced out the window and saw a bright morning star. There was a faint band of light and color beginning to appear along the ridge tops, but the star was sparkling in the predawn sky. 

That is how I believe I see Jesus. He really is exceedingly bright and glorious, just like that star would be if I was much nearer to it. But even this faraway view of Jesus is bright for me.

About an hour later the sun burst over the horizon and there was no possibility of seeing that star any longer. It still shone as brightly as ever but I could not see it. It's light had been surpassed by the brilliance of the sun. 

That is what I long for in relation to Jesus Christ. I long to see more and more of Him so that He becomes brighter and brighter, not just a tiny star but the entire sun with the capacity to illuminate my whole life!

I Corinthians 2 speaks of Jesus, the ultimate Wisdom for life. Do I truly desire His Wisdom? Then I must believe in and receive His Spirit, for that is how I can have Jesus revealed to me and even through me.

I am more and more amazed at the depth of knowing Jesus. I know so very little, but I seek Him, and to my astonishment, He is willing to reveal Himself to me.

It is as though I'm living in another world, a new world, quite marvelously improved from the first thirty-three years of my life!

About six years ago this new world was begun, at least for me, at a rustic lodge in the beautiful mountains of Pennsylvania. While there, a tremendous burden came down on me to see Jesus. I remember while we were praying, Jesus came and I saw Him. Not physically, but in my spirit I did see Him. I had been born again for many years, but this…this was an invitation, a glimpse I had not seen before.

What a thanksgiving arose in my heart, then almost immediately, I had such a longing for the other young people around me to see Him too. Graciously, He showed Himself to us, He poured out His Spirit upon us, and we knew what it was to be in His Presence.

But this is not an experience to have once and be done. No, no, a thousand times no! That would be like saying I am taking a journey around the world, then driving for one day, and deciding I've started so that is all I need to do. As long as I've begun, surely I'll get there.

Foolishness! We all know that. We must keep going and traveling over new territory until we have actually journeyed around the world. Only then have we fulfilled our goal.

In Christ Jesus, when we first step into this new world of seeing and knowing Him by the revelation of the Holy Spirit, it is only the beginning. The culmination will be the marriage supper with Him when we actually become His bride and live and reign with Him forever.

To begin a relationship with Him is not the end. It is, of course, only the start of a glorious, ongoing, ever-brightening union with the Son of God.

Beautiful, glorious, liberating, joyful truth! 

1 Corinthians 2:9 - 12
"No eye has seen, nor ear heard, 
and no mind has imagined what God 
has prepared for those who love Him. 
But it was to us that God revealed 
these things by His Spirit. 
For His Spirit searches out everything, 
and shows us God's deep secrets. 
No one can know a person's thoughts 
except that person's own spirit, 
and no one can know God's thoughts
 except God's own Spirit. 
And we have received God's Spirit 
(not the world's spirit), 
so we can know the wonderful things 
God has freely given us."

That almighty God of all creation should bestow such love, kindness, favor on a mere mortal such as I cannot be understood in human terms, it must be believed by faith. I only understand by His Spirit as He makes His home in my heart. 

And I live my life in thanks to Him!


  1. Beautiful post Karyn. Made me tear up. Longing for more of Him

    1. Agree Anne, what you said !

    2. Thanks so much to both of you! May God hear the prayer of our hearts for more of Him. I know He will!


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