One Year Later

To look back one year from today is to be almost blown away be the multiplied abundance of God's blessings to our family. I am awed and humbled…and so relieved that I am not where I was a year ago!

This is what we were doing, after a long, teary drive from PA…

God bless each of the dear people who helped us move out of our house in Pennsylvania and into our new home in Ohio on January 1, 2013!

It was cold and snowy, and a holiday on top of everything, but still there was a large crowd of willing friends who lent a hand.

Here is my journal entry concerning that momentous day in our history...

Page 2…

Looking back, God has fulfilled His promises to overflowing! Why should I ever fear to follow Him? I glorify His name for providing for us above and beyond our expectation.

~ a lovely home
~ a beautiful church family
~ a cute village
~ a job my husband loves
~ a job our son loves
~ a bountiful supply of friends
~ a rest in our Father

The red door in the photo is simply crowded with friends and makes me feel rich!

Letting go of what I hold dear and heeding the Voice of the Father always results in more peace, joy, and life than hanging on to my agenda.

But there are times this life of following God takes death to my own ideas and plans. It requires a persevering faith in the face of criticism and misunderstandings. It means stepping out into completely unknown regions with nothing except the direction from God telling us what our next step should be.

Moving to a new state is not such a huge deal, in one sense, and yet for me it meant a fairly earth-shattering change. I wanted to be so sure. But walking by faith isn't about a certain knowledge, it's about trusting the leading of the Holy Spirit, and not being afraid of making mistakes because I know God is totally faithful to lead me back when I wander off the road.

Faith is more concerned with obedience to God than with avoiding mistakes.

If I can comprehend that fact it doesn't matter so much whether I am right or wrong, it only matters whether I am striving to obey my Lord.

Now for a brand new year in which to glorify this awe-inspiring Creator of all things! There is no other claim to my allegiance! I am His and He is mine...therein is security!

A bright and sparkly new year to all!

May the magnificent presence of God be upon you and guide your footsteps throughout the days, weeks, and months to come.

It is my goal to bring Him glory in every way with my whole heart. I believe that to be the highest calling I could ever be fulfill.


  1. Blessings to you Karyn and your family….reading over your blog brought tears and empathy….but God is faithful….we had wonderful time with family over Christmas and the week-end after with Lydia, Susan and your folks, I find myself reminiscing and wishing it were last week on Sat…..but there is time for everything…a time to come and a time to go….a time for tears and a time for laughter, God is good, all the time….He reminds me He is my light and my salvation as the sun streams in thru my patio doors as I sit by my table reading and missing you all but feel connected thru this modern technology and the bond of love thru family and yes thru Jesus who leads and guides us as we plan our days He directs our ways…have a blessed and prosperous New Year….

    1. Martha, you are so right about a time for everything! God has the very best plan and I want to live in it! How I would have loved to be at your house last weekend, but at least I got to see Susan's photos on Facebook! I am so happy we can communicate via internet! Blessings to you and your family in the new year :)


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