Room By Room No.2

Julian's Haven

Number two in the series is our son's bedroom and it truly reflects his interests. I love how he stays occupied when there's nothing requiring his attention otherwise, though his desire to have said occupation taped to the walls of his bedroom would not have been my first choice! But it is his room, after all, and I'm glad he has an opinion on decor!

Ready to repurpose!

This was actually the guest room when we moved in a year ago but we switched things up to utilize the spaces more efficiently, i.e., Julian's bed is smaller and his furniture fits better in this space, so out with the guest room furniture and in with the son's stuff.

Oh, and he loves going out on the balcony to read his books aloud. The door opening onto the balcony is off his bedroom now. Lucky guy, I say!

Same as the guest room, the carpeting and tile ceilings remain but the room has been given a blanket of white all around and has a new window. 

In Julian's old room he had put up a bunch of state maps all over his walls one day, completely unbeknownst to me! I was torn between, "Oh, no, this doesn't look good," and, "I must say he is getting quite creative," and decided to let it go. He makes these by tracing them out of a road atlas, cutting them out, then writing in the county names.

I keep wondering if there isn't some way we could put his passion into good use! He's been interested in maps, roads, etc…ever since he was a wee tot. He has spent many, many hours on these types of projects.

When we discussed moving his bedroom, he made sure I knew that he wanted his maps back up over there! Well, alright, but only around the bed, not all over all the walls. I gave him the job of putting the pieces together in his new room, but gave him some ideas on how to do it.

Some time later, I found a few extras above the armoire that he couldn't fit with the rest and he didn't like them behind the door either! That guy - you think he couldn't care less about something and next thing you know he is quite opinionated on how it should be done! 

These cute trains are from his grandparents and the armoire was a yard sale find that I just had to freshen up with paint.

The design of his state maps is loosely based on the shape of the United States! This is the western portion of the nation.

And here is the eastern portion!

Fishing is his favorite sport, hence the calendar. How pleased he was to find it. The time he and his father spend together out on the water is priceless. This time of year they can only dream!

The entire room feels larger now that his furniture is in here. I think the biggest difference is the bed. It's full size instead of queen, and I pushed it up against the wall instead of setting it up under the window and out into the middle of the room.

Another of his favorite pastimes is paint-by-number. I was astonished to learn that he has now accumulated twenty-five of these!

I've gathered most of them in this drawer, which is from a built-in cupboard we dismantled and put into storage for future use. I gave the drawer a few coats of bright blue paint. The glass knob had lots of paint splattered on it, so I soaked it in white vinegar. It worked! The paint came off easily and it shines bright as new.

Here is his handiwork and I'm so proud of him!

If I could just come up with the perfect way to display them to suit both of us...

He also loves to read. These are the kind of books he goes for, along with a very short list of storybooks. Mostly, he chooses history, animals,  or informational books.

That heavy, metal, thrift-store-special desk of his has been around for many years of homeschool. He rarely sits at it anymore, preferring the bed for his many projects, but it served him well throughout his school years. I gave $5 for it about nine years ago!

Somehow Norman Rockwell is perfect for a boy's room, don't you think! That, by the way, was my choice…Julian really wouldn't care about it at all! 

He is growing up so quickly and becoming more and more independent, especially now that he has a job. We've been so deeply grateful to God for giving us the gift of a son! 

Julian has made our lives richer and fuller and we love him ever so dearly! For me, motherhood is a tremendous privilege and a high calling. Add to that the opportunity to keep house and I'm a happy woman!

Keeping house. Motherhood. It requires blood, sweat, and tears. It's not all fun, games, and pleasure but I have not found anything else on earth to be so fulfilling. The benefits are priceless and eternal. This is God's purpose for me and I delight in it!