White World!

It is a frozen landscape out there and I delight in it. What follows is an attempt to capture the beauty with my very limited photography skills.

The snow dazzles the eye and sparkles in the the early morning sunshine.

I love life in our little village but I'll admit there are times I crave less noise and distraction in photos and in real life! Take this gorgeous sunrise, for example.

There are some things you cannot and will not have if you live in a village. One, in particular, is unobstructed views of the splendor of a sunrise.

I have to lay eyes on this gigantic silo on the eastern ridge as it stares back at me every time I want to enjoy the sunrise.

Then too, the power lines everywhere can never be removed, at least not until some genius devises a plan for totally underground electricity, which I hope will happen someday! And, naturally, in a village there will always be other buildings all around, not to mention roads with traffic, etc...

Nonetheless, I choose contentment, compatibility, and cheer. They are the prelude to peace in my heart!

Isn't it glorious how snow washes and beautifies the earth?

Our house even looks better with a blanket of snow on and around it!

David's song of thanks in 1 Chronicles 16 sums up my thoughts…

"Let the whole earth sing to the Lord."

"Each day proclaims the good news that He saves."

"Publish His glorious deeds among the nations."

"Tell everyone about the amazing things He does."

"Great is the Lord! He is most worthy of praise!"

And I am extremely grateful for a warm house during this frozen season! I am overwhelmed with blessing from God, my Father!

Yes, I really do love Winter!


  1. Just clicked on your blog at random from another blog and recognized your house. I've always admired that house. We used to live just up the road in the brick house on the corner of Broadway and 39. Loved the house ......hated the location. Always wished we could have moved it. They probably both were built with Belden Brick.

    1. How delightful! I know exactly which house you refer to and I love it too! Yes, the former owner stopped in one day last year and let us know their family (Finzer, as the brick company used to be called) built our house. Thanks for dropping me a line!


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