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Footstool Remake

Last summer I found the cutest little stool at a local yard sale. After hanging out in the patio for awhile, it's been sitting in the basement for months, waiting to be renewed.

I'm referring to that little footstool in between the two tables...

The top was a bit wobbly and had little wires sticking out of it, presumably for the seat cover, which was missing. But the metal legs and wooden pedestal are quite sturdy and so darling! I was pretty sure it could be remade into a usable stool.

This week I finally took a stab at it. Though I am quite familiar with painting, I'm fairly new to the world of reupholstery and have a few pieces I want to try. This seemed one of the easiest for a novice!

After a clean-up and tightening some screws I gave it a coat of black paint. For the cover, I decided to use a burlap coffee bag, courtesy of Wall House Coffee Company just down the street!

I laid the stool (top side down) on a double layer of burlap and cut a circle a few inches larger than …

Free to Bless

"Bless those who curse you Pray for those who hurt you." Luke 6:28
It is not so easy to do! I've known that verse for a long, long time, but by some miraculous power beyond me, I have the grace to actually do what it says and really mean it. 
This is what happened. I was reading the final chapters of Job and so intrigued by it all, probably due to some [much smaller] trials in my own life. 
Job's friends had just been unfair and unkind to him and God was angry with them. He rebuked them and instructed Job to pray for them so that He won't need to punish them as they deserve. 
Job obeyed. He didn't hold a grudge against them or leave them to suffer the consequences of God's anger. He prayed for them.
His obedience not only released his friends, it brought about an amazing blessing from God. 
"When Job prayed for his friends the Lord restored his fortunes. In fact, the Lord gave him twice as much as before!" Job 42:10
It brought me to my knees as I realized …

Jacquelyn is Sixteen!

It's nearly unbelievable that our baby girl could be SIXTEEN already! But I must get used to the idea because she has reached that sweet stage of driving and youth events and teenage years!

Given the fact that we don't do birthday parties much, this was a pretty big deal. Jacki claims her last party was at age five! We think sixteen is a birthday to celebrate a bit more than average and I let her choose what she wanted to do. 

This was no surprise party. She planned it and had lots of fun doing so. We ended up having such a splendid day and will cherish the memories!

We have been planning and preparing for weeks and it finally all came together on February 18, her birthday. She invited all the other fifteen-year-old girls from our church. Only one of them couldn't make it but we had the other five here.

They are a sweet group of girls! From left to right…Jessica, Kayleen, Jacquelyn, Crystal, Haillie, Jolissa

AND SO MUCH FUN! I got to know them better and feel incredibly blessed…