Footstool Remake

Last summer I found the cutest little stool at a local yard sale. After hanging out in the patio for awhile, it's been sitting in the basement for months, waiting to be renewed.

I'm referring to that little footstool in between the two tables...

The top was a bit wobbly and had little wires sticking out of it, presumably for the seat cover, which was missing. But the metal legs and wooden pedestal are quite sturdy and so darling! I was pretty sure it could be remade into a usable stool.

This week I finally took a stab at it. Though I am quite familiar with painting, I'm fairly new to the world of reupholstery and have a few pieces I want to try. This seemed one of the easiest for a novice!

After a clean-up and tightening some screws I gave it a coat of black paint. For the cover, I decided to use a burlap coffee bag, courtesy of Wall House Coffee Company just down the street!

I laid the stool (top side down) on a double layer of burlap and cut a circle a few inches larger than the top. Next, I traced a circle pattern onto an old, puffy seat cover and cut that out. Then I wrapped both burlap pieces around the puffy seat cover and fastened it on the underside with upholstery tacks. 

To finish it off, I used hot glue to attach double-fold black bias tape all around the edges of the burlap on the underside. There were a lot of loose threads without the bias tape and it looked unfinished. Now they are out of sight…mostly out of sight!

Don't ask me why, but I find this stool to be totally charming and so perky! It seems to stand up straight and tall at attention now that it's been revived.

It will probably be moved about some, but for now, I've found a home for it right beside my leather chair!

The advantage of a coffee bag versus plain burlap is the black lettering already applied! I'm not so good at adding the words so this worked perfectly for me...

If you noticed the little green table in the first photo…it is still in need of a remake. I've done the desk/table and it's in Jacki's bedroom but that cute little table is awaiting paint. Maybe I'll get it done before spring and maybe I won't!

Projects like this make the long winter days fly by!