Free to Bless

"Bless those who curse you
Pray for those who hurt you."
Luke 6:28

It is not so easy to do! I've known that verse for a long, long time, but by some miraculous power beyond me, I have the grace to actually do what it says and really mean it. 

This is what happened. I was reading the final chapters of Job and so intrigued by it all, probably due to some [much smaller] trials in my own life. 

Job's friends had just been unfair and unkind to him and God was angry with them. He rebuked them and instructed Job to pray for them so that He won't need to punish them as they deserve. 

Job obeyed. He didn't hold a grudge against them or leave them to suffer the consequences of God's anger. He prayed for them.

His obedience not only released his friends, it brought about an amazing blessing from God. 

"When Job prayed for his friends
the Lord restored his fortunes.
In fact, the Lord gave him
twice as much as before!"
Job 42:10

It brought me to my knees as I realized how many people I had not prayed for as I ought. To be honest, I had tried it a number of times before because I knew it was the right thing to do, but something was different this time. 

I released these people who had wronged me. I chose not to hold them accountable. Rather, I sincerely asked God to bless them and I meant what I prayed.

It was a beautiful deliverance!

After I asked forgiveness, released them, and prayed for them to be blessed, I immediately sensed a flowing River carrying away the wounds and rubble to the place of God's forgetfulness.

The dry and barren places within me began to receive nourishment and renewing life from the River. It was remarkably real and brought a fresh breath of freedom and joy!

Only God can do a miracle like this!

"Grace is flowing like a river
Millions there have been supplied
Still it flows as fresh as ever
From my Savior's wounded side."
author unknown

I had to be willing to receive His Word by faith and humble my proud heart in His Presence. His grace is unending to all who call on Him in sincerity and wait for Him to deliver.

The excitement within me positively bubbles over! There is no problem too big for the Lord of Heaven's Armies!


  1. Absolutely beautiful Karyn. Experiencing this vs. just "knowing" this makes it real!

    1. That's it exactly, Anne! Our timing is not God's…we want to experience everything as soon as we know it and He might have all kinds of things in mind that we are completely oblivious to! I submit to His way of teaching me!

  2. Thank you for this, Karyn! It is what I needed to read today!

    1. I am only too glad if it can be a blessing! May God's grace be poured out upon you, Brenda!


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