Jacquelyn is Sixteen!

It's nearly unbelievable that our baby girl could be SIXTEEN already! But I must get used to the idea because she has reached that sweet stage of driving and youth events and teenage years!

Given the fact that we don't do birthday parties much, this was a pretty big deal. Jacki claims her last party was at age five! We think sixteen is a birthday to celebrate a bit more than average and I let her choose what she wanted to do. 

This was no surprise party. She planned it and had lots of fun doing so. We ended up having such a splendid day and will cherish the memories!

We have been planning and preparing for weeks and it finally all came together on February 18, her birthday. She invited all the other fifteen-year-old girls from our church. Only one of them couldn't make it but we had the other five here.

They are a sweet group of girls! From left to right…Jessica, Kayleen, Jacquelyn, Crystal, Haillie, Jolissa

AND SO MUCH FUN! I got to know them better and feel incredibly blessed to have these girls as Jacki's friends. They have added joy, zest, and friendship at the perfect time in her life! 


Jacki decided on a cupcake party. She is the creative one! I had little to do with the actual making of the decorations, just helped put things in place and became a sounding board for her. 

We covered the light fixture with poms poms and stretched bunting across the room. Bunting is so festive and happy, you just gotta love it! It finished off all the rest of the decor.

The letters and silhouette she free-handed on black card stock.

These are labelled to identify the recipe. The different kinds of cupcakes she baked included Italian Cream, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Mocha Cheesecake, and Pumpkin Spice Latte.

She made them ahead of time and the girls frosted and decorated them when they came to the party. 

What fun! Each girl had at least eight cupcakes to decorate and frost! They took home their own creations!

They're so expressive, I had a blast just listening and snapping photos!

Here are a few examples of their handiwork...

The pumpkin spice latte with cream cheese frosting and caramel drizzle is top-of-the-line delicious!

Even the cupcake boxes came alive with personality!

Then came lunch!

We had heart-shaped sandwiches…Greek with sun-dried tomato, feta, and spinach, toasted cheese with cheddar and mozzarella, and turkey with cheese and thousand island dressing. Just before serving I broiled them on both sides.

Chips with guacamole and dip, assorted fruits, and punch...

After lunch, Jacki opened her gifts...

She says it made her feel like a little girl all over again!

The cutest lil singing card from Haillie. She had to blow on it to activate the song!




A darling lil shutter from Jolissa that will sit on Jacki's dresser!


Perfect for her bedroom!

And now we must capture some friend photos! 
Jacki ~ Kayleen ~ Jolissa

Oh, but this is too much fun!

Haillie, will you please come join us for a photo moment?

They ended the day playing games and chatting and listening to music! By afternoon, the sun was streaming through the windows.

Some of the lovely gifts she got for her birthday, at the party and otherwise! She was overwhelmed almost to the point of tears! 

Life is made beautiful with friends! 
It was a day of blessings and delights!

We love you, Jacquelyn!


  1. Beautiful! Happy 16th Birthday to a lovely young lady, Jacquelyn!


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