My Parents' Visit

It has been nearly a year since Mom and Dad came to visit us and I've been missing them! I am accustomed to having them stop in several times a year. Is this in any way connected to the fact that we moved out of PA, where they have lots of family and friends? 

After they were here, I discussed the matter with them and found there might not be any connection. Rather, they had an unusually busy year of traveling for ministry purposes last year. 

In any event, they were a welcome sight last Friday! We also had the pleasure of having my brother Keith and his family for the weekend. Alas, I have no good photos to prove this point!

On Monday we were delighted with sunshine, so it was a great day to be outside. I found a bike trail and four bikes for Dad, Mom, Jacki, and I...

Living in a village, I now appreciate peace, quiet, and rural tranquility much more than ever before. This ride was soothing to my soul. 

Jacki has decided the two of us really must go once a week. Whether it will happen remains to be seen!

Another enjoyment was our walks together almost every day. And of course, breakfast together every morning at 8 a.m. is the perfect start to a great day.

Dad's always prove to be most helpful when they spend a week with us. Dad doesn't like to just sit around and twiddle his thumbs, so he ends up fixing all manner of things. The benefits were huge this time. He rewired Dale's boat, which saved us ever so much time and money. He also got our doors working better. I love it when he comes!

I was tickled when Mom agreed to reupholster a high-back chair for me. It was too scary a project for me to tackle on my own! 

I've had it for about five years, having snagged it at a yard sale in State College, PA for $2. The frame was sturdy but the fabric was in very poor condition. 

I bought new fabric a year ago when Mom, Kris, and I were fabric shopping here in Ohio. 

Mom and I remove the old trappings...

and find it to be a much more difficult job than expected, the worst of which was yanking out all those staples!

But isn't it charming to have warm sunny weather and curtains blowing in the breeze? I know, strange sentiment in the middle of reupholstery, but I have been deprived of warm breezes for so long, this photo of a curtain billowing in the breeze gave me a happy feeling!

Mom did a fantastic job of putting it all back together! I am so impressed by her talents with fabric, sewing, etc... 

Me? I did not have a whole lot to do with this process, but I am learning!

Jacki has claimed the chair already. She says it's so much warmer and comfier than leather!

It had been in our bedroom but now has a new home in the living room. 

One evening we took Dad's out to dinner at Chalet in the Valley, a sweet little Swiss/Austrian restaurant in Charm. It was a delightful experience. The Swiss Cheese Fondue is the best!

The manager came out and gave us some interesting history. One little tidbit was that the owners (Guggisbergs - husband from Switzerland, wife from Austria) made the very first Baby Swiss Cheese back in the 60's! 

We could honestly tell him it is definitely still the best to this day...Guggisberg Baby Swiss!

I can't quite explain it. There is such a delight in having my parents here. We tend to do things the same way. We think in similar terms. 

Oh, we lived together for all of my childhood; I grew up in their home. Would that have anything to do with the comfort I feel around these dear people? I am privileged to be their daughter!

Now my daughter gets to spend time with my mom. It creates a happiness deep inside me! 

We also played games together, in which Julian took a most willing part. This morning when Dad's were about to leave, he quietly told me he's glad we played that game last night! We had gone to dinner at our friends' house, but still played a whole round of Mexican Train before retiring!

Yes, they are special people, indeed, and I enjoyed their visit immensely. Now I hope it won't be a year before they return!