Simple Pleasures

I have an overwhelming sense 
that I have been given a gift 
in this, my daughter.

How quickly I take her for granted and focus on
our struggles and that multitude of negatives
we deal with in this thing called life.
We all do it. 
We see what we don't have
and become discontent, complaining about our lack, 
whether it be time, money, possessions,
sons or daughters, husbands or wives...
the list could go on and on.

But I choose to thank God for His gifts to me,
and today was a time to delight in my daughter!

Our guys are gone for several days
so we felt the need to take time off as well.
It happens sometimes!

In downtown Canton there's a First Ladies National Historic Site 
which includes the Saxton McKinley House (pictured above). 
We found the tours of both places quite interesting,
especially since we were the only tourists being
guided through the sites and could pretty much set the speed! 

The McKinley Memorial really is a lovely place to explore 
on a sun-filled day like today!

There are wide stairs on three sides of the Memorial and this one ended in a darling little circle surrounded by an evergreen hedge.
A young girl yields to the allure of dancing on the green! 

As to the ice-cream stand we were searching for...
it was less than desirable so we drove away
after I secured my latte from the coffee shop next door.

Jacki did a little searching on the GPS 
and found a place 
called Caffe Gelato.
Now this is more like it!

We are both convinced it was a sweet little gift from God, 
Who knows how to give good gifts 
even better than we can imagine!
It delighted us to the very bottom of our hearts!

It has cute Italian art on the walls

And of course,
the gelato was excellent! 

As we made our way back home again
we overflowed with thanksgiving to God
Who gives us all things richly to enjoy!

I don't want to spend my days wishing
for those pleasures I cannot afford
or which have not been given to me.
Rather, I will make the choice
to be grateful for God's favors to me,
and to delight in simple pleasures!