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Chair Rescue

From Trash to Treasure!

I feel slightly trashy about this but I do admit to having picked up three chairs that were stashed with garbage curbside! At the time I was rather desperate for a few more chairs and decided these might just be my answer.

There is a need for patching and gluing first. The fabric seat really grossed me out, so it had to go, padding and all.

I spent a few dollars for wood filler and tried to fill the gaps in this chair back.

Without enough clamps to do the job properly I resorted to duct tape to hold the glued chair seats in place.

I wonder, will there ever come a time when I have nothing to paint?

My patched, painted, padded, and reupholstered chair!

I moved it into the front foyer and think it's a better fit than in the guest room.

Who doesn't like green in springtime? These bright and happy green chairs are my favorite!

They are quite sturdy after my ministrations, except for the backs, which require some expert assistance from my husband! Julian and Dale help…