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Tottering Weekend Holiday

But despite the falterings we decided to
Keep  Calm

& Vacation  On!

After all, life is fraught with disappointment and to give up and go home early is akin to giving up and getting depressed with life. Truth be told, a few of us took turns wanting to run home! But we are glad we did not.

We had sundry interesting conversations upon the topic of vacations and why some abound with happiness and plans fulfilled while others flounder and totter all the way through to the end.

The general consensus was that this is one of those weekends to carry on by faith, and joy in the simple pleasures we are granted. 
We had not plunged into it blindly to gratify ourselves. 
We sought God's direction as we do in all aspects of life. Peace lay in the direction of taking a weekend family trip, so that is what we scheduled. 
It does not matter so much whether we are right or wrong but whether we trust in our Father to guide us.

So what went wrong, you might ask? It's rather a lot of details but I will en…

Daughter is Driving

I am the mother of two teenage drivers. Today I am happy to announce that the testing is completed! Driver training has been the cause of a rather large amount of stress.

Jacquelyn wrote about her first few driving endeavors, which began seven months ago. Escapade number one is on her Facebook page. Here is the second story. I'll let you read it in her own words from back in December or January!

"Continuation of my driving escapades…
The second time I attempted driving was after I received my permit! Happiness! Excitement! I detected a *certain* amount of confidence inside!
During the twenty-ninth lap of the church parking lot, Mom suggested I try a different route. The route consisted of following points: 1. Exit the church property through the back way. 2. Turn onto the road, 3. Drive approximately 2 feet, and 4. Escape into another little outlet leading to the aforementioned church parking lot.
I received the information dubiously. Leaving the sanctity of the church asphalt and…

Lights Aglow

"For with You is the fountain of life;
in Your Light we see light."
A Psalm of David

Sparkle and shine!

That's what I wanted from my lamps  on either side of the front door.

The former condition of these lamps did not sit well with me  but I kept putting off the inevitable job of taking them apart  and taping off the brick in order to spray paint them  because I was uncertain whether my plan would work.  Oh, and it wasn't something I could do in a hurry!

I would guess they were polished brass at one time but deteriorated into this tarnished shade.  (That pesky bulb would not come out of the socket  so it got the tape job, too.)
Here's a look at the front of the house when we first saw it.

Just a bit raggle-taggle, you might say!
Let the taping and spraying begin.
By the way,
here's a new use 
for bright orange card stock  that I doubt I would ever 
have used for cards anyway...

I held a piece of cardboard in one hand 
to help protect the trim and bricks 
from overspray while sprayin…