Daughter is Driving

I am the mother of two teenage drivers. Today I am happy to announce that the testing is completed! Driver training has been the cause of a rather large amount of stress.

Jacquelyn wrote about her first few driving endeavors, which began seven months ago. Escapade number one is on her Facebook page. Here is the second story. I'll let you read it in her own words from back in December or January!

"Continuation of my driving escapades…

The second time I attempted driving was after I received my permit! Happiness! Excitement! I detected a *certain* amount of confidence inside!

During the twenty-ninth lap of the church parking lot, Mom suggested I try a different route. The route consisted of following points: 1. Exit the church property through the back way. 2. Turn onto the road, 3. Drive approximately 2 feet, and 4. Escape into another little outlet leading to the aforementioned church parking lot.

I received the information dubiously. Leaving the sanctity of the church asphalt and entering upon the reality of a real and working thoroughfare…Unnerving, to say the least.

However, twenty-nine laps of even the most diverting piece of blacktop can leave one wishing for a something a little less monotonous.

I toddled off.

I stopped upon nearing (I use the term loosely) the road. I scoured the surrounding countryside for any and all vehicular devices. Nothing approaching, I cautiously started for my side of the road. 

At least, that was what I was aiming for. My aspirations were noble, but I regret to say a vehicle coming from the opposite direction would have been in rather dire straits for a little while. I gratefully turned into the passageway leading towards the safe haven!

I repeated this course one or two more times. Accomplishment seemed to surge through me every time I completed the circuit! 

I really am not certain when exactly it happened, but somewhere along the way I put the car in reverse and backed up. Not to say that is problem! No, that is something every driver should experience soon after he first puts the key in the ignition. Very necessary, and all that. 

But I became strangely fascinated with the whole process.

And then it happened.

I was guiding the car (in reverse) into an allotment. And…I stepped on the gas, fully intending for the car to stop. Because, you see, I thought I was stepping on the brake. 

But I wasn't. 

We shot backward.

In the ensuing terrible seconds, many things happened. In my mind's eye, I saw with startling clarity the handicap sign and bushes (directly behind us) mangled and furrowed. Similarly, the back of this ghastly vehicle neatly dented in. 

Mom was doing things. In every sense. She was flailing with all the zest and performance of the Irish dancer. Except for the fact she was held back by the fastened seat belt. Even so, she could have vied with the best of them. She was also shouting unabatedly.

I regret to say, my presence of my mind was not exactly tops. The situation was not to be reversed, but I apparently thought so. For my first and foremost thought was that if I could get this thing in a forward motion all would be well, and "it" could accelerate to it's heart's content. I found myself crashing the gears up and down, for I ceased to remember what the elusive symbols stood for.

Finally, the car halted, and we were able to think a little more clearly. 

Shakiness ensued. I couldn't feel my legs very well. 

However, Mom was having the opposite problem. She said her thought was, she must stop her vehement motions or she would undoubtedly work up a cramp of formidable proportions. 

Mom was (understandably) a bit perturbed after this series of events. But soon we were roaring with laughter! Which is really more pleasant than becoming worried, nervous, and frustrated with yourself, everyone, and everything (specifically the vehicular device you are seated in).

Needless to say, my confidence plummeted dreadfully after this near-accident. Even the two feet on the road I had been frequenting was simply too much after this.

But I wanted to drive again, for how else would I be able to perfect my motor skills?

The next day I did! This time Dad accompanied me.

I noticed a very definite improvement, and for this I was truly grateful. I lengthened my drive on the road to perhaps 2 more feet (byways to the church being plentiful). Twice I mistook the pedal I was pressing to be the one it was not, but with no major outcomes (except for increased watchfulness).

Dad greatly encouraged me to take push myself, and thought reaching the speed of 20 miles per hour would be expedient and helpful. After several tries (and cheering to my right), I went a little over 20 mph (and a lot over the breakneck speed of 5). 

And so, I am again excited! I am progressing! Perhaps soon I will be able to approach the road in current use with the intentions of traveling more than ten feet! 

Oh. And Dad had a protective, wary hand over the emergency brake the entire time I was driving. *smile*"

Yes, it's hilarious now! 

But I had many a distress in my attempts to teach her how this all works. 

And now that era is well and truly behind us. 

And I find myself experiencing a sort of shock of relief at the fact.

And that weight of preparation is falling off my shoulders.

And I sense an urge to commemorate the occasion!

So today, when our daughter Jacquelyn passed her driving test, we declared it an official day of celebration!

It was splendidly gorgeous... 
Sky. Sun. Forest. Lake.

We betook ourselves to a sandy shore.

The very clouds in the heavens danced with joy!

And I feel as though a huge hurdle has been surmounted! Now let us move on to the next phase of life, whatever that may be.

Thanks be to God for our children and the richness they bring into our lives!


  1. Well, Jacquelyn is a great writer! I laughed so hard at the part of her backing up! Looking forward to hearing more about her driving experience and your side of her driving experience, Karyn. :)


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