Tottering Weekend Holiday

But despite the falterings we decided to



After all, life is fraught with disappointment and to give up and go home early is akin to giving up and getting depressed with life. Truth be told, a few of us took turns wanting to run home! But we are glad we did not.

We had sundry interesting conversations upon the topic of vacations and why some abound with happiness and plans fulfilled while others flounder and totter all the way through to the end.

The general consensus was that this is one of those weekends to carry on by faith, and joy in the simple pleasures we are granted. 

We had not plunged into it blindly to gratify ourselves. 

We sought God's direction as we do in all aspects of life. Peace lay in the direction of taking a weekend family trip, so that is what we scheduled. 

It does not matter so much whether we are right or wrong but whether we trust in our Father to guide us.

So what went wrong, you might ask? It's rather a lot of details but I will endeavor to impart the general feel of it!

Our hotel left us a bit cold, what with ants and a spider, no internet unless we sit in the lobby, excessively loud music bombing into our room from the next door restaurant-on-the-river, and one vending machine after another telling me 'sold out' when all the guys wanted was water fit to drink.

A lovely ferry ride to Put-In-Bay on the island, only to get ice cream that left much to be desired, the only mini golf available closed due to a fallen tree, and a feeling that the over-all theme of the place was beer!

Instead of bright beautiful sunshine we had quite a lot of rain, clouds, and cool weather, which invariably will hamper outdoor activities...we got quite wet when playing mini golf in Sandusky and didn't get to go swimming at any time.

What is to be done about it? Change plans, readjust, and delight in family time together unhindered by schedules or work.

A ferry to the islands, similar to the one we took to Put-In-Bay.

The chief mode of transportation on the island is golf carts, which is so cute. Oh, and I LOVE that clock! 

Jacki and I enjoyed the Butterfly House!

Our favorite destination of the weekend was Marblehead Lighthouse, which sits on a peninsula overlooking Lake Erie! 

Jacki, being cute!

This darling place transported us to New England and Anne of Green Gables!

Even the charming cottage next door with foxgloves clambering over the picket fence spoke of Maine or Prince Edward Island!

The rocky shores of Lake Erie

I could have stayed for hours with my journal and book but, alas, it was raining and no one else was quite so willing to stay. Jacki was cold and the guys didn't have fishing gear along!

It is most unfortunate, but this next view is about how Sandusky felt to us! This building is down close to the waterfront. Deserted storefronts abound right in the historic waterfront district. 

Still, we did get a great meal at the Water Street Bar & Grill, and I liked the coffee from Mr. Smith's Coffee House, so all was not in vain.

Within walking distance of our hotel there is a pier leading to a lighthouse on Lake Erie.

It's a fun scramble over rocks to get to this fishing spot, at least I think so. I rather doubt if Dale would call it fun! For the love of fishing...

Trying for a huge walleye or perch! Those fish must be elusive because none were caught by the guys. It was also the wrong time to be out, according to Dale.

Sea grass along the pier

Rambling weeds hold a beauty all their own!

A sky full of promise no matter the storms along the way!

I simply love being down by the water! 

Our plans for Sunday did not materialize either, due to our SUV choosing that moment at the gas station to succumb to a dead battery, at which point we got it charged by another customer and did actually drive straight home to avoid further disaster!

I am happy to report we are not discouraged and had a lovely Sunday afternoon at home. No matter the weather or mishaps, we can find joy in living if we search for it diligently and continue to believe God is ordering our steps!


  1. Oh how lovely are your pictures and sweet words! You have the soul of a poet, and the beauty that comes only from the Holy Spirit within.
    I am so sorry for the unpleasantnesses, but those pictures! You may as well have been in a foreign country, for how strange it is to me. I surely miss the sea, and all that goes with it. My favorite is the photo of you sitting and writing by the seaside. :)

    1. Thanks Kay! I find a seashore so soothing and inspiring :) I love your wild Wyoming landscape but I would suppose you have quite a long ways to go for a seashore!

  2. I love the way you chose to "make lemonade out of the lemons" as the saying goes with your weekend vacation. We missed you guys in church, but then it wasn't normal either with our own set of problems there in the morning. LOL!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures & blogging!!!

    1. Thanks Arlene! I heard there were technical difficulties at church and am not sad to have missed that :)


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