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South Dakota No.5

Although the title says South Dakota, these last two days were actually in Minnesota at ex-hutterite colonies, or as some call them, Christian communities. It proved to be a most interesting, stretching, and enjoyable experience for our group!

This is a photo of a photo of Elmendorf Community in Mountain Lake, Minnesota. They raise hogs and turkeys, hence the large barns. There is a common dining hall/kitchen/meetinghouse and multiple homes. I didn't get to see much but it was intriguing to tour a bit of the property!

I think a number of us, perhaps a fairly large number at that, had a knot of nerves in our stomachs as we drove in the long lane. But there was no need for it, the people were so friendly and welcoming, we relaxed and got to know each other over the next few hours!

I loved the well-maintained lawns and beautiful flowers!

We had lunch together then prepared for our afternoon service.

A few of us got to take a tour of the canning rooms. The huge number of jars and over-size…