Border Garden

"For as the earth bringeth forth her bud, 
and as the garden causeth 
the things that are sown 
in it to spring forth; 
so the Lord God will 
cause righteousness and praise 
to spring forth before all the nations."
Isaiah 61:11

If ever plants sang praises 
these are surely bursting with a joyful tune! 

If you have not discerned it previously, 
please know I am a lover of gardens.
They inspire, energize, and calm
according to the need of the heart.

Now back to the beginning...
the creation of the a new border garden for our property.

The walls of the garden are made up of shutters, taken from the house by this man, my husband. The shutters were in need of repairs but many broke while being removed and I decided I didn't want them back up, at least for now. 

Julian helped with the building of the walls, but the camera was not in attendance to document the process. 

We fastened 2x4s to the backs of three shutters, flipped the whole three-shutter panel over, and screwed three more shutters to the back, using a total of six shutters per section.

I did quite a bit of measuring and marking, with Julian's assistance again. What would I do without that trusty young helper? 

You see, I am his mother, so if he gets frustrated with my antics and commands he cannot just stomp off in anger. He must stay and lend a hand! It will do him a world of good in the future. Most of the time he has a wonderful attitude, and it really does make him smile when I let him know how much I appreciate all he does.

Next, I bought four metal fence posts off ebay and Julian helped me pound those into the ground, two on either side of the blue spruce. 

The rather awkward part was hoisting that great heavy panel made of six shutters and multiple little bits of lumber up over the two fence posts. It took several attempts but we managed to slip it onto the posts without breaking it or ourselves!

I asked Dale to help fasten the four end pieces, two on each panel, then I painted the walls with black spray paint.

A view across our lawn toward the neighbor's house.

We have full-grown trees on either side of the border, an oak on the right and a maple on the left.

I planted King Tut Papyrus, orange Sun Patiens and Impatiens, chartreuse Coleus, and Sweet Potato Vine in the urns. 

In front of each panel I planted elephant ears. It's surprising they even grew at all due to the fact that they require sun and are plopped into a most shady spot.

The walls have been tested with some driving gales right from the get-go. I've had to stabilize them after windy weather and they do lean forward just a bit from those westerly winds. But after several months, they stand strong and tall, providing a nice border along our property. 

Don't you just love recycling old building products 
left laying on a heap in the corner? 
And that, my friends, is my new use for old shutters!