South Dakota Mission trip

Thus began our Hopesong/Youth Mission Trip to South Dakota and Minnesota! Forty-three people on a bus for twenty-four hours is a bit of a daunting outlook for me, I will be quite truthful, but I plunge out of my comfort zone with thanksgiving, by God's grace!

The excited, jittery crowd! By this point even I am rather enthusiastic about our adventure. We are loaded and ready to travel before 6 p.m. on Sunday evening.

Driving through the night on I-80 brought back a heart-warming rush of nostalgia from my lovely childhood travels to Minnesota and Montana, which is just the happy little pleasure I receive as a gift from my heavenly Father.

I love these dear young people and count it a privilege to walk with them. On this long bus ride we already have had a most wonderful time of sharing, confession, prayer, and encouragement in the Lord.  

How sweet it is when the Presence of our Father surrounds and fills us. May He continue to draw us closer to Himself and fill us with His Holy Spirit so we can be ambassadors for His Kingdom.

Isn't she just the cutest Haillie :)

Various games, lengthy photography sessions, conversations with friends, catching up on sleep...we wile away the hours as the bus covers the hundreds of miles and takes us across America.

And now, after twenty hours on board this bus, it looks more like this...

...and this!

At last we arrive at our first hotel in Spearfish, SD, and a few of the guys get out to start the check-in process. I notice a rather suspicious-looking piece of paper taped to the door

but tell myself it must surely mean only that particular door and there's got to be another temporary entrance during this remodel. 

Oh no, I was quite wrong in my assumption, for this entire hotel is shut down due to a fire. Not only that, it happened a week ago and we were never notified.

But all is well! Dale contacted the travel agency through whom he had reserved the rooms and they got us our fourteen rooms at another hotel across the bridge for no extra charge! 

What a relief! We don't have to sleep on that bus again and our needs have been met. That is how faithful God is when we trust Him, ask Him, and seek His will. 

It may not be just the way we would plan it, but God does have a perfect purpose for us to fulfill. May we be found faithful to walk it out day by day.

To be continued...