South Dakota No.2

It may seem a little backwards but we are doing the sightseeing before the work on this trip! Location had a lot to do with it. This is the farthest west we go, then we'll work our way back over the course of the week, making our homeward journey much shorter. I know it will seem an extremely wise decision on Monday of next week, even though we got sick of the bus on these first few days!

Today is the designated slot for touring the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, and Custer State Park.

This is Bridal Veil Falls along Spearfish Canyon Byway.

This young man, our son Julian, is having the time of his life, as you can see!

Photography figures quite largely into the picture and then there are the poses that didn't quite come out as planned and induce great mirth! Yes, I have lots of fun snapping pictures of others engaged in photo sessions!

These two lovely girls got the pose right and I just happened to capture it!

We seem to have a blatant disregard for the possibility of traffic on the highway, despite a friendly warning from our bus driver. However, I think it was fairly safe as there were very few motorists on this road and it is, after all, a Scenic Byway!

The bug situation on the windshield was interfering with our desires for clear pictures, should the need arise, and it may also have been less than pretty for the driver, so this was our of-the-moment solution!

Ellis was a leaning post for Chase while the Joe, the driver, provided the cleaning supplies. It worked quite nicely!

We found another lovely waterfall just down the road.

Twila and I struck a quick pose, since we thought our time had run low and we needed to climb back up to the bus, only to discover there wasn't such a great rush after all! Far be it from us to make everyone wait!

Next it's on to Mount Rushmore...

That waiting period before we are all properly in position!

All present and accounted for...

Two more lovelies!

Guys in charge!

We got almost desperate to see wildlife so there were many false alarms and attempts to make the entire busload crane their necks and train their cameras on the exact spot indicated. Happily, we did actually get to see real wildlife, at least once!

The youth are practicing a few songs for our services and Dale gets the honors of leading out!

I really do love the wild and rugged western landscapes!

We wanted ice cream, I had been wishing for it since yesterday (you can't stop just anywhere anytime with a bus), then we stopped to grab a bite at Arby's. Only, I saw this sign with an ice cream cone on it and asked to please be allowed to go there instead. So a few of us walked over and discovered this darling little shoppe. It made us quite happy!

We arrived back in Chamberlain, SD, by 7 or 7:30 p.m., where we will stay for the next four nights.

We appreciate any and all prayers as we begin our workday tomorrow then have our first service at the Reservation.