South Dakota No.4

Bouncing rapidly from place to place, we have had an extremely busy schedule and I can't keep up! 

We switch gears now and travel from Chamberlain to Mitchell, making a quick stop at the Corn Palace to see their unique use of corn and grabbing a bite to eat before spending the rest of the day at Mahlon Byler's place. 

He is our contact in South Dakota and co-ordinated these events for us. We really appreciate all the hard work he put into making this trip possible. May God bless him abundantly!

That is what I would call a corn mural...

They will fill in the one on the left with corn cobs during their festival, which I would have loved to watch.

The food of choice for lunch was BBQ pork in various forms. I got pulled pork nachos and found it quite tasty.

Our surly and gritty welcoming committee out on Mahlon's farm. That twig hanging from his mop-top cracks me up every time. You simply cannot be dignified with a branch in your hair, sorry!

These guys can't think what else to do until given orders, so build a human pyramid. Bracy's feeling the knee to the back, I'm suspecting.

Hold everything, we've got the pose!

That effort wasn't quite heroic enough, let's try this. I believe there is pain involved again, if Matt's and Keith's expressions are any indication!

How to get rid of these fellows? Lower them slowly until they jump!

Here is a better carry all that music equipment into the shop for us. 

Set-up and tear-down were done in a flash with this crew.

Meanwhile, out in the girls' circles, we try to look charming! Jess has given me the privilege of being her adopted mom while on this trip and I'm delighted!

They really could look like sisters but are not even related!

These cute little guys don't have to try to look charming, they just are!

Junior is administering swift punishment to any flies who are so brave as to enter the building! He is quite gifted!

After set-up of equipment we practiced our few songs. I believe our efforts have effected an improvement in our singing!

At last we can go out for a round of volleyball.

If nothing else, I try to make it look like I know how to play! I may be almost 40 but I still love a good game of volleyball and being part of the youth leadership team affords me that opportunity!

Here's a young lady who is great at finding the children and playing with them.

The other guests begin to arrive and we get to meet new people once again.

The crowd was mixed...Indian, Ex-Hutterite, Hutterite, Holiness (Wesleyan), Oasis Tabernacle, and Mahlon's Church (I don't know the name)...but we came together to hear and speak of Jesus Christ! 

What a joy it was to see our friends from Wesleyan Sioux Chapel show up out here too! These are the twins, Brandon and Bradley.

An unexpected splash of cold water to the head? Sure, why not!

Now for the very tasty part...Mahlon grilled BBQ ribs for us all. What an amazing grill master and cook! The meal was delicious. 

After the meal we had a service in the shop. It was a time of singing and sharing, with quite a number of the youth giving testimonies of God's working in their lives. We were graced with the Presence of the Holy Spirit for which we are humbly grateful. Whether rough times or smooth, we need Him so desperately.

It was a tired bunch of travelers who crawled into bed around midnight Friday. I feel the lack of sleep more keenly than most of the young people, I am sure. They are doing a wonderful job of going to bed late and getting up early!

We are aware that the Presence of God is guiding and surrounding us and know there are people praying. I want to thank you from my heart. Beautiful transformations in the lives of the young people give us cause to glorify our Lord. May He be honored and magnified above all things!

Photo credits for these posts on our trip go beyond our own efforts with the less-than-professional camera we carry around. There are also photos from Twila Miller and Jason Miller, for which I am grateful!

To be continued... 


  1. My dad took us to teh Corn PAlace several times when we were kids. Always a highlight! :)

    1. We pry should have taken time to go inside. Have you watched them do the corn murals?


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