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September Days

At the waning of summer we look back and cherish those brilliant days of pure sunshine that persistently appeared over the horizon morning after morning in this month of September. Never, since moving to Ohio nearly two years ago, have we enjoyed such a display of sunny weather. 

It has been joy...

...A glorious beauty amid life's struggles...

...A testament to our Father's creative handiwork.

Believe it or not, this has also been an intensely trying month for me, for our family, in a number of ways. We have no doubt we are in a warfare that is often invisible. But God always shines His Light on our pathway...if we look for Him.

I am more convinced than ever that God's ways and thoughts are not ours. 
I want to look at my accomplishments  He wants me to look to Jesus. I want results to show for my efforts He requires rest in Jesus' completed sacrifice I long for a smooth road He creates a narrow path fraught with danger I like to be capable of handling it He asks me to learn to rel…

Moving Dale's Parents


It has been a long time coming and I can't tell you how pleased I am that Dale's parents are finally moved into their new home in Virginia. 

I admit to having twinges of jealousy toward Tina, Ruth, and Joan because they have Mom and Dad right there with them now. But I do not harbor ill-will, I don't! Instead, I am glad for them and anticipate frequent visits to VA in which we gather around Mom's fireplace or relax on her balcony to the tune of delightful conversation! And Dale reminds me that we had the privilege of living near them for about 20 years in PA. He does have a point!

Dale and I left Ohio for Pennsylvania on Sunday afternoon. Monday morning we got to Dad's around 6:00 and within minutes were ready for our journey to Virginia. The truck had been loaded by church friends on Sat. (except for a few mattresses, mirrors, etc.) and we were most grateful!

Dale left the house first with the large yellow truck so he could have a head start. It wa…

The Best Salsa

Blogging about food is not the norm for me. Actually harvesting and canning food falls into an even-less-than-norm category. But I am doing the virtuous thing and making lots of salsa with my abundance of tomatoes. 
Side note...I can (truthfully) say I enjoyed it!
The whole process of putting away fruits and vegetables for winter use was such a huge task in my home when I was a child, it became a dreaded chore at harvest time. To contemplate this task on my own each autumn was too overwhelming, time-consuming, and complicated, so I haven't done a lot over the past twenty years. 
But I don't have six children and eight mouths to feed (like my mom had, God bless her), so it is possible to operate on a much smaller scale. It's rather fun to make small amounts, like 14 pints, instead of 40 quarts. It does not have to take entire days to accomplish this project.
If you haven't figured it out yet, I have a suspicion I am too easily vanquished by large numbers!
Jacki and I wanted …

Ampersand Etcetera

I know it might sound like a foreign language, that title, but it was too perfect to pass up! A number of months ago I discovered a new word, courtesy of Jacquelyn! 
Ampersand! It simply means 'a symbol or character for and'
I loved it and had to use it somehow or other!

On a pillow...perfect! And what this post is actually about is pillows. 

Making covers for pillows at very little cost makes me happy; waiting until almost summer's end to get the post written does not. These are spring and summer pillow covers and this post is about 3 months late. But it is still summer so I will continue!

I found fabric and a few pillow forms for several dollars at yard sales this spring, then got the letters and symbol at Joann Fabric. 

This pillow idea meant I needed to pull out my sewing machine. I am not a seamstress but can do some simple sewing and mending. I look upon it with a certain sense of mistrust and dislike for I've never gotten to be proficient at it.

Thankfully, it was ea…

Eagerly Waiting

"He will come again,  not to deal with our sins,  but to bring salvation to all who are  eagerly waiting for Him." Hebrews 9:28
Yes, it's true, Jesus will return to the earth someday and take His bride to live with Him forever. But am I eagerly waiting for Him? Do I pray for Him to be released to come? Do I believe He is actually looking for people who long to be united with Him? These are questions I have pondered for months.
An elder in our church talked about how he believes the return of Christ is directly related to the request of His people on earth, those who ask Him to come take them to Himself. It resonated in my heart and I saw it as truth. It has brought an excitement to my heart as I pray for this beautiful union to come to pass!
"And we believers also groan, even though we have the Holy Spirit within us as a foretaste of future glory, for we long for our bodies to be released from sin and suffering. We, too, wait with eager hope for the day when God will give us  ou…