Ampersand Etcetera

I know it might sound like a foreign language, that title, but it was too perfect to pass up! A number of months ago I discovered a new word, courtesy of Jacquelyn! 

Ampersand! It simply means 'a symbol or character for and'

I loved it and had to use it somehow or other!

On a pillow...perfect! And what this post is actually about is pillows. 

Making covers for pillows at very little cost makes me happy; waiting until almost summer's end to get the post written does not. These are spring and summer pillow covers and this post is about 3 months late. But it is still summer so I will continue!

I found fabric and a few pillow forms for several dollars at yard sales this spring, then got the letters and symbol at Joann Fabric. 

This pillow idea meant I needed to pull out my sewing machine. I am not a seamstress but can do some simple sewing and mending. I look upon it with a certain sense of mistrust and dislike for I've never gotten to be proficient at it.

Thankfully, it was easy to do this little job and I had no issues. I wasn't sure about sewing those thick felt letters but the machine zipped right through them.

Aren't they the perfect colors to go with my living room decor? I use green for spring to summer, then change it out to red from autumn to winter.

Now that September is here I am thinking I may need to sew more pillows for the next two seasons because I want letters and symbols on my red pillows too! Time to dig through my stash of fabric! 

I'm ever so glad for my sewing machine and all those dear friends who bought it for me as a wedding gift many years ago! God bless them...I think of them when it's time to sew again!