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Marriage Celebrated No.2

A year ago I wrote about our anniversary weekend in Cleveland. It is rather interesting to view it from a year's worth of ups and downs, and I find myself encouraged by the lessons we've learned. Yet, I am also disappointed by those problems unsolved. Still, we are committed to sharing forever together and will overcome the obstacles one at a time!

I did not realize we were doing anything other than perhaps a dinner at a nice restaurant for this 21st anniversary and that would have been just fine. Then friends of ours from Kenton, Ohio, let us know they are moving this weekend, if we still wish to help them. Dale had offered, Saturday had nothing on schedule, so we went for it. 

He took it a step further and asked if I'd want to reserve a hotel for the night after helping them move, then visit their church in the morning. Sure! Yes, we are one of those wacky couples who mix work in with an anniversary celebration! 

Wait, is it really such a good plan? Why not take Julian, sin…