Marriage Celebrated No.2

A year ago I wrote about our anniversary weekend in Cleveland. It is rather interesting to view it from a year's worth of ups and downs, and I find myself encouraged by the lessons we've learned. Yet, I am also disappointed by those problems unsolved. Still, we are committed to sharing forever together and will overcome the obstacles one at a time!

I did not realize we were doing anything other than perhaps a dinner at a nice restaurant for this 21st anniversary and that would have been just fine. Then friends of ours from Kenton, Ohio, let us know they are moving this weekend, if we still wish to help them. Dale had offered, Saturday had nothing on schedule, so we went for it. 

He took it a step further and asked if I'd want to reserve a hotel for the night after helping them move, then visit their church in the morning. Sure! Yes, we are one of those wacky couples who mix work in with an anniversary celebration! 

Wait, is it really such a good plan? Why not take Julian, since he's a good furniture mover, and I'll stay home with Jacki? At midweek, I was sick with the flu anyway. But Julian did not want to go. We spent some time going back and forth on how to plan, but decided to proceed with Dale and I going.

I found a nice hotel in Fort Wayne, Indiana for a really nice price. Dale began looking for a nice steakhouse in the area. I had a nasty sore throat/flu thing going. The weather forecast for the 2 - 3 hour drive to our friends' house was nasty...a mix of freezing rain and snow causing icy conditions. It is not looking too promising for a romantic or restful weekend. But since Dale was to drive the moving truck we did not think we could very well back out last minute, so we took to the road very early Saturday morning. Take the nice with the nasty, right?

Much to our dismay, we drove into the icy mix and slowed to a drastically reduced pace, slipping and sliding and getting all tense. Heaving a sigh of relief, we finally got to our destination. We loaded the truck in cold, windy, rainy conditions but it warmed up enough to remove the threat of ice for the two hour journey from west-central Ohio to northeast Indiana. By a little after noon the moving truck was safely parked in the driveway of our friends' new home, the few parcels taken from our car into the house, and Dale and I were on our way to the hotel.

In the early morning hours while driving we talked about our relationship, the troubles and the joys. I told Dale that I honestly don't think I love or respect him unconditionally. Why do I struggle so much? Why can't I get over my issues and fears? I suppose it is a trial common to wives but I am distressed at my failings. So we set to work finding way through all the fears, questions, and problems. We have found that an open and honest session of communicating with each works wonders for our relationship.

I keep striving to get to a place of endless peace between us. Can't we live in continuous harmony 24/7? I believe it is possible or else the Bible would never instruct us to do so. But I also believe God teaches us thousands of lessons as we live life and make mistakes and fail miserably. Those failings and trials teach us many things that would not be learned any other way.

Our afternoon and evening were blissfully beautiful and filled with special little delights. One thing after the other fell into a perfect pattern and we knew, once again, that our Father was in charge of planning. Even those trials were intentional. From the rough spots to the sweet joys it was a beautiful celebration of real life and real relationships. If my heart is tuned to the Lord all of my days have meaning and purpose.

So I am learning not to fear the unpleasant reality that trouble and discord will always try to wreck our marriage. Rather, I declare war on anything that attempts to destroy our relationship. There is a fierce attack on marriages in our world today and we cannot afford to sit lazily by and do nothing. It requires a diligent fight with a well-defined purpose, a heart set on following the guidelines given in the Word of God.

The wonderful news is that God has every weapon we need to fight these battles if we humble ourselves, seek His wisdom, and continue to live by faith. With this awesome miracle-working God, nothing is impossible!

Marriage remains a glorious picture of Christ and the church and I am honored to share this adventure with my husband!


  1. Thank you, Karyn, for your willingness to be humbly transparent. You are not alone in your relationship struggles. Marriage takes a daily commitment to working out, or at least attempting to, the wrinkles that are created by the agitation and the wringing that happens when two people live together 24/7. Only by the grace of God can they be ironed out. Blessings!


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