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Merry Wanderings...Day 1

What happens when a little family cannot contain the excitement for an upcoming holiday vacation and the guys get off a day early? The trip is commenced in advance of the scheduled date and all involved are joyous. It is a lovely gift!

This is a narrative of our (nearly) two weeks of wanderings along a southerly day at a time.

It is a dream and a prayer come true for me. I have wanted to take the children on an outing that is "For Them" and not packed with other events and commitments. I feel so humbled and blessed that God, my Father, has provided all we need to fulfill this desire of my heart. He continues to amaze us with His beautiful gifts!

Jacquelyn's reading material for the trip!
(We brought our skates in hopes of finding an ice arena!)

Our first overnight is in Louisville, Kentucky, mostly due to its location. We had the other lodgings for the trip all mapped out and this extra stop was on our route at just the right spot. Now to explore a little!

How could we not delight in this horse drawn carriage coming to rest in front of a lovely old edifice in downtown Louisville? Jacki and I took a stroll along the streets to see the city and found all sorts of festive adornments!

City lights and cheery sights!

This child of mine...

Together we cherish this gift of festive celebrations!

Winter...but we still stop for an ice cream cone at this cute cafe!

Thus begins our journey south! 

to be continued...


  1. Have a wonderful trip!!! Praying that The Lord will bless you abundantly with little extras!!!!!


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