Merry Wanderings...Day 3

One thing is necessary on a trip like ours. Flexibility! 

It means you are pliable, willing to yield, adaptable. 

When you are faced with so many closed gates and foiled plans, it is best to have the ability to adapt quickly. I awoke this morning with a desire to relax and go with the flow. It is a holiday, after all!

This...on our hotel door. Merry Christmas!

After a long, relaxing morning over breakfast, we pulled the desk away from the wall in our hotel room and played Dominoes!

Knowing most tourist attractions and restaurants shut down for Christmas Day, we browsed the internet to weigh our options. The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson's home, appeared to be open, so we decided to try it, mostly for Julian's sake. Not happening, for the gates were barred and we could not even tour the grounds. We found a few eateries that purported to be open, according to online information. You would not believe how many attempts we made, only to come up with closed doors and darkened windows. Finally, we back-tracked and settled for Steak 'n Shake, not exactly what we had in mind but good enough.

Jacquelyn and I had Belmont Mansion in our sights for the next stop. The guys declined this opportunity. Shocking, I know! Notice the blue, blue sky and brilliant sunshine at last. 

Using navigation on my phone we walked from our hotel to the mansion, a distance of almost 2 miles. When we arrived we found another mother-daughter duo, who offered to take our photo if we do theirs! They are from Texas (with relatives in Ohio) and were so friendly. Upon discovering our route from here south, they thought it sounded similar to a couple on honeymoon from Ireland, whom they had just met at another location in Nashville. This Irish couple was also going to Atlanta and New Orleans, so I take that to mean we must be onto a good thing. I mean to say, if Europeans choose to travel to these exact same American cities, they must be great places to see!

Scenes from Belmont Mansion and surrounding gardens...

How I would love to have a magnolia tree, but Ohio is a bit far north. This is a beautiful tree with large glossy leaves year round.

These gardens are just the discovery to set our faces aglow and create that sense of delight you experience with a lovely surprise gift!

Someday I hope to add a water fountain to my own gardens.

Beautiful welcome sunshine!

Pansies, pansies, pansies all over down here in Tennessee!

After walking back and playing another game with the guys, we embarked on a short trip in the opposite direction of downtown. Here we found the prettiest part of the city just out of sight of our hotel! Our destination, Belle Meade Plantation, was already closed for the day but we drove through the most beautiful neighborhoods and were happy! 

You never can tell what you will discover around the next bend in the road. How lovely to have ten more days of merry wanderings!

to be continued...