Merry Wanderings...Day 4

"For I will satisfy the weary soul, 
and every languishing soul I will replenish." 
~Jeremiah 31:25

On the road again. That is mostly what happened today. Julian took his turn driving, but Dale and I did most of it. We travelled from Nashville to New Orleans, a journey of many miles and almost nine hours. I am a languishing soul who needs a good night of rest!

We had the pleasure of sunshine for most of the day but dire predictions of rain and flooding greet us in New Orleans...not exactly a "warm welcome" to a family ready for plentiful sunshine. We pray for a shift in weather patterns!

Already, we have been introduced to a mad grid of twisting and intertwining streets, with a labyrinth of one ways and layered bridges. Just finding our apartment proved - shall we say - interesting!

Dale found this lovely dining option up the street a few blocks.

It proved to be a vast improvement from yesterday's find, I assure you!

The delectable fare pleased us. The service was impeccable. Oh, and the waiter was perfect...classic Jeeves! He shimmered up to our table then glided silently off into the shadows. Seriously, he fit the description so well it tickled us immensely! 

Even on vacation, we retire early, so everyone is winding down already. The children are both reading and I will follow suit when I am finished here. 

Here is a glimpse of our cute lodgings for the next several days. It has a charming fireplace without an actual possibility of a fire! I love the old brick walls in several rooms. 

The cleanliness factor leaves something to be desired and I had to go buy a dozen washcloths. But I think it will suit nicely for our stay in the deep south!