Merry Wanderings...Day 5

Cafe' du Monde
It is the perfect way to start our day in New Orleans!
Beignets and Cafe au Lait 

This cafe is open 24 hours a day and absolutely hopping by 9 am. Dale chatted with one of the many waiters who sat just behind our table. It's an interesting place and obviously quite popular. They only serve beignets (little donuts) and a select variety of drinks.

If you like fresh homemade donuts, you will like beignets! I love them! Pair them with cafe au lait and you have a winning combination! Julian thought hot chocolate was a better choice!

This gentleman playing 'Old Rugged Cross' on his trumpet was just the final touch to make this a quintessential-cafe experience!

At the apartment on St. Charles Ave., this is what's happening before we head out. I am pretty sure we are much too wired!

Cute trolleys are constantly on the go throughout the city, but they seem so crowded that my family is not interested in taking a ride if we can take our own vehicle or walk! 

We are taking turns choosing a restaurant a day. This was Jacki's choice, based on lots of research. It was a fantastic success with the whole family. The Court of Two Sisters has a delectable buffet of hot and cold gourmet foods.

There was also live jazz, which delighted us. Do you think God is taking special measures to pour out little joys on our family? I am sure of it! He is so good, whether our plans work or not. We believe even the locked gates and plans unfulfilled can be His doing. He is trustworthy with our schedules!

The beautiful courtyard at The Court of Two Sisters, which Jacki and I only strolled through because it was too wet to sit out there. The temperature would be perfect - 70s!

More street music to fascinate this little family from up north!

I'll have to say, we were quite distressed with the darkness and witchcraft that is rampant in New Orleans. As we walked to our car, Jacki and I had to pass a small knot of people hanging out on the sidewalk. In so doing, one of the guys who seemed high on drugs called out asking if we want gasoline, he has jet fuel to offer. No, I did not reply or acknowledge the question...I tend to stay out of those situations rather than get involved in any way. 

After we got in the car, down the same side street, we had to wait for other traffic to pass and noticed a guy in the bar right beside us dressed in women's clothes and wearing a blonde wig. He was quite expressive in his conversation with the few customers, then turned and walked out onto the sidewalk. It was on Jacki's and my side of the car and when he saw us looking he belligerently marched up and stood staring. I turned away immediately and pled with Dale to get out of there! Who knows if he would have attacked the car or not. I expect anything at a place like that! But then, I am probably extreme!

One thing I do know, we are supremely blessed in the beautiful gift of God's Son, Jesus, and the privilege of a daily relationship with Him. I long for more of Him to emanate from my life.

Later that evening, Jacki and I walked along St. Charles Avenue in the Garden District of the city. There are gorgeous homes and gardens on all sides. 

Another day of vacation is behind us. We have been to the Aquarium and the Imax, out to eat at some great places, gone through more snags and disappointments, but are learning through all events to trust in God with our every day! 

to be continued...