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Merry Wanderings...Day 6

 Flowers in is the Beauty of the Deep South!

Our Sunday morning found us traveling up the highway to Baton Rouge, in search of Family Life Center. We do not visit new churches while on vacation but this was an exception. A few people mentioned that Jimmy Swaggart's church is not far from New Orleans, so Dale and I decided to take the less-than-enthused children and go. We were so blessed by the service, which brought honor to Jesus Christ our Lord! 

It was Julian's turn to choose a place to eat. He surprised us and went with an unknown restaurant, Mike Anderson's Seafood. It was great! 

Well, maybe not the appetizer. Dale asked if they have alligator and the waitress informed him they actually do have it, blackened or fried! This is blackened alligator. It is a bit tough and chewy, not my idea of yum! The guys declared they liked it.

Julian, with his huge seafood platter! Oh, and onion rings, of course!

The many choices on the broiled seafood platter Jacki and I shared.

After lunch, Dale and Julian were dropped off at Barnes and Noble while Jacki and I looked up the nearest plantation. It was just a few miles away. 

Mount Hope Plantation...

Spanish moss is strangely missing around New Orleans but, happily, we found it at this sweet little plantation. The greens and whites, the picket fences and gazebos, brick pathways and bubbling fountains, these sights and sounds soothed and thrilled our souls! 

The place was utterly silent and uninhabited so we took our liberties and meandered about the grounds, even peering in at the windows of the house without meeting a single person! Nice!

The little gatehouse near the end of the lane.

I have noticed that blue dress is definitely Jacquelyn's color. It complements her beautifully (said the prejudiced mother)!

These grand old trees!

Beautiful front door!

Thankful for this gift of vacation and exploration!

I love the orderly symmetrical gardens!

Simplicity of White!

A faint glimmer of sunshine gladdened our hearts! Tonight, there is rain pouring down outside even as I write, but we hope for sunshine tomorrow.

Tonight we played an exceptionally fun game of Dominoes, after which we had a rollicking fit of laughter about some remark of Julian's (he's famous for doing that to us) that had us gasping for air. I believe it is safe to say we are making wonderful memories!

to be continued...