Merry Wanderings...Day 8

New Orleans. Our last day here has come and gone already. For all of us, it has been immensely interesting and pleasing to explore this city in the deep south. But we all agree we are happy to move on.

Gracious Bakery + Cafe was another recommendation 
by Joy the Baker and, since she lives here, 
we believe she might have the inside scoop on the best and tastiest!

And we were quite right to think so. Everything we've tried has been wonderfully good. Hurray for blogs and internet to enhance the travel experience!

Our internet service at the apartment was spotty and we've taken to using wifi at cafe's. 

The guys and girls split up for the day. We are visiting another plantation. They are riding the St. Charles Street Trolley to see the city from that perspective.

Ohio State University is playing in the Sugar Bowl down here on New Year's Day. Interestingly, Dale and Julian saw the team come into town with 4 busses and a whole posse of policemen on cycles to direct and clear streets for them! Throughout the day we saw more Ohio State fans arrive in town for the game.

The guys ate at Superior Seafood - five cheese oysters!

Oak Alley Plantation

The mansion tour was conducted by this lady dressed in period costume. She did an excellent job and actually made it interesting!

This large fan, hanging over the dining table, was operated by a slave boy pulling a rope to keep it at just the right speed to create a breeze yet not enough to extinguish the candles' flames. He did this for hours. I can't imagine...

Jacki and I got sandwiches and salad at Satsuma Cafe' after our stroll through the plantation grounds. Mine was a Roasted Pear and Brie Melt with salad and Jacki had a BLT. The roasted pear is similar to mushrooms, only sweeter and most delicious, I must say!

We are on the road again, heading to Atlanta, Georgia! An extremely bright spot in our morning is the presence of sunshine at last! It looks to be with us for more than a fleeting moment!