Merry Wanderings...Day 9

"Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father." 
~Matthew 13:43

Is it not a glorious sight? While driving along in the morning sunshine I read that verse and was SO inspired. How I long for my life to shine forth as the sun for my amazing Father and His Son, Jesus!

There is no doubt about it, we are delighted to see the sun shining at last. Sadly, it was a cold and windy 38* outside here in Gulfport, Mississippi, so I snapped a few photos and hopped back into the car. 

Jacki is now quite convinced the warmth of the South is way overrated. I understand, if you go to the deep south and encounter the temps we've had, you really do have to wonder about the 70's and 80's in mid-winter that you hear about!

Dale ate some mixed nuts on the journey and they did not at all agree with his stomach. If you've ever heard his and Julian's fiasco with smoked almonds while fishing, you will know a little of how he feels, only this was a mini attack in comparison. 

I am afraid we laughed uproariously at his mutterings and groans of protest! Please be aware, he laughed along with us and got better after awhile! He has firmly declared he must never eat nuts again...

By afternoon, we arrived in Atlanta, Georgia, and found our hotel a welcome resting place. It is spacious, is it clean, it smells good, it has wifi that actually works! Our apartment was lacking in these departments, though it was a great central location and had its cute spots!

It didn't take Jacki and I long to venture out for a bit of shopping. To our surprise and joy, we discovered this modern, industrial-style shopping district. But imagine our delight to find Jeni's Ice Creams, which I had thought was only located in Ohio. 

Yes, we did satisfy our taste for a couple scoops apiece. We even got some to take back to the hotel for the guys! Aren't we just the sweetest!

This, Room & Board, is a store I really want to shop, but it was already closed for the day, so we will try tomorrow!

We probably would not buy anything in these stores, due to the prices being up there above what I am accustomed to, but it is fun to browse and get ideas!

Atlanta Skyline...

After dark, we drove downtown in search of the Underground Shopping Center and found this beautiful display of lights.

When we finally located the Underground, it was a disappointment. In short order, I knew it was the wrong crowd with the wrong kind of atmosphere. Dark, dingy, sleazy, scary. We got out of there fast, and breathed fresh air with thankful hearts. 

While at a gas station, I spotted a large U-haul and was reminded of what we were doing exactly 2 years ago today. Our family drove back to Pennsylvania from Ohio, stayed at the Lewistown house overnight, then packed up and left with our belongings. We drove back out to Ohio the next morning and moved into our new home on New Years Day 2013. It was cold and snowy and a rather miserable time for me.

My heart wells up with gratitude and praise to my Father...for not having to move. For a beautiful home, life, church family, and the security of being His child, beloved and cared for in minute detail.

Here is to a Happy New Year 2015 to all of you, my friends, and the abundant blessing of God upon your lives!