Winter Adornment

The reds and whites of winter have overtaken Doverlee! 

What is Doverlee? It is the name I've given to our dear old home and I pray God will make it into a haven for all who enter.

Doverlee  n. peaceful, protective shelter  

 It is an exhilarating time of year. The calendar tells us Winter, a season that ushers in all manner of delights, is almost upon us. I try to capture the moments and savor them!

Yes, Yes, Yes, I delight in snowy days. New pillow covers announce it to all who enter. Speaking of which, I went on a bit of a spree...winter pillows in not one, not two, but three new styles!

Now then, welcome to a tour of our home!

My son Julian had to photobomb the decor capture! It's too much fun to pop in and out while the camera is snapping! That will happen when he is off work and wandering about the house. He makes me laugh with his antics!

This lovely wreath is a handmade gift from my sisters for my birthday. They definitely have talent! I love its brightness!

Coffee corner

I clipped a few sprigs from my own evergreens for this arrangement. The white 'snowflakes' are dried allium sprayed white and the 'snowballs' are simply plastic balls filled with fake snow.

My white shutter is positively disappearing beneath the beauty of friends from far and near. I feel rich when I see these dear faces! 

Perfume and incense make the heart glad, 
but the sweetness of a friend is a fragrant forest.
~proverbs 27:9 is the primary sensation evoked by a brightly burning fireplace on a cold winter morning.

For the first time in years I have a mantle. As you might well imagine, it is a simple pleasure in which I delight!

I located is a tree farm down the road (via craigslist). There I found free clippings from evergreen trees. I use the boughs in simple bouquets. 

Here, I have white-painted allium bursting from the evergreens. I made my own version of a mini 'cloche' using a bowl, pinecones, fake snow and a glittery snowflake. I stuffed batting into the pedestal vase then added a few small snowflakes.

Living room from front window

In autumn this dried sprig made a lovely showing in brown, but now it is winter, so white spray paint transforms it into a snowy little tree!

Christmas music fills the air during the winter months

I kept it very simple for my outdoor decor...
evergreen boughs 
white painted branches
white painted hydrangeas
in black flowerpots

I would love to have a few more boughs to fill the urns but am too bashful to return to the tree farm and ask for it! Oh well, next winter I will know to get a few more. They were quite willing to let me have all I wanted! It is a lovely little gift, for I do not have nearly enough evergreens to clip from my own tiny village plot.

A pair of these flank the front door

Not that Jacki is a winter decoration, but she belongs in this post anyhow! She just got her braces off the other day and has a positively sparkling smile that I really must share with you! For, you see, my family is the best earthly adornment this old house could ever possess!

Blessing. Joy. Peace. Goodwill.
Through Jesus, God's gift of Life and Light!


  1. It is indeed a peaceful and lovely place and your vibrancy and love make it that.


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