Merry Wanderings...Day 10

Of a beautifully modern city 
which also retains the stately elegance 
of old-world historic charm. 

Atlanta, Georgia, has taken the position of favorite of all the places visited on this journey of ours. I confess to being quite surprised by it. This has been a most pleasant day and a half of discovery.

You have these expectations of what is to come, but experience can change that very quickly. Cities have an aura about them, at least for me, and the general atmosphere of Atlanta is brighter and more welcoming than either Nashville or New Orleans. To be honest, I just didn't really anticipate much out of the ordinary here! 

This elegant mansion, Swan House, was on our agenda for today but, alas, it fell into that dismal category of 
'closed for the holiday' 
so we could only view it through the bars of the locked gate.

We were sorely tempted to take a tiny side trail around the gate and walk the grounds, but I am too skittish about trespassing. I can just imagine the powers that be bearing down on us, after spotting us via their security cameras, then slapping us with a fine or a stern rebuke. It is safer to obey the rules! We'll enjoy it from the gate!

The modern Atlanta skyline is also quite impressive. There is an incredible amount of new construction going on even now. It is more clean and neat overall than most cities we've ever seen. The hosting of the 1996 Summer Olympics may have something to do with it!

After driving in New Orleans I felt I needed a bumper sticker that proclaimed, "I survived driving in New Orleans!" Here in Atlanta, it is a breeze in comparison. You don't dive into potholes or get stuck on yet another maze of twisting streets. However, there was a sense of accomplishment in navigating the vast labyrinth of routes. I won't be as intimidated next time!

Jacki and I drove through some of the most fascinating residential neighborhoods here in Atlanta. We actually walked through one area, finding it a quiet and peaceful oasis. If any of you have not figured it out yet, I have an appreciation for fine architecture. It delights me!

My preferred residence is of the old-world character. Jacki has inherited the same enjoyment, and squealed with pleasure at sight of this charming mini castle!

While we were thus occupied, Dale and Julian rode a free streetcar around parts of the city. We met up with them again at the Centennial Olympic Park in downtown, then went for lunch together at Olive Garden, Julian's pick and a favorite for all of us. 

Tomorrow morning we leave this city for our last destination, Covington, Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. That means we had better prepare for colder weather and the possibility of snow! But it's fine by me!

It has been a lovely first day of 2015! 

to be continued...