Merry Wanderings...Day 11

The Schmucker family is slowly heading north again. It is bittersweet. We have had such great times plus a fair share of troublesome happenings as well. We loved many aspects of the south but welcome a return to the north. I suppose this makes us true Yankees, and you know what, I am okay with that!

The Great Smoky Mountains! What gorgeous scenery greeted us on our drive up I-75.

I know little about Cincinnati or Covington, so on our trip up I asked Dale what kind of people settled this area. He did not know. I thought possibly Irish, Scottish, Slavic (German, I might have named)...European of some kind. Why? I am not sure.

Our hotel is in Covington, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio. I can tell already that we'll be dancing back and forth between states during our stay here. But imagine my surprise when I saw this sign upon entering Covington!

How did I guess it so close? Seriously, it fascinates and delights me to discover this place. It most certainly has German, English, and Irish flavors in the district where Jacki and I took our little walk.

British flags flying over a pub! Definitely feels a bit European!

And you know what, I feel at home here. Like I am returning to my own kind of people. It's inexplicable, even to me, but it was unmistakeable as I strolled the streets of Covington. I was not prepared for this kind of impression, but it is another exciting side of travel and exploration. 

Who'd have thought to put a lovely red chandelier into a gazebo in a German Village Park? That is just what we saw and loved!

And, as a result of our wanderings through town, I've chosen Molly Malone's Irish Pub and Restaurant as my dining destination tomorrow! I'm excited to try Irish food! 

Afterward, we had another game of Dominoes in our hotel room. It was cold, so Jacki and I bundled up for it. I got coffee in the lobby to aid in warming my system. Of course, the central heating works fine, we simply need to adjust to cold walks again!

Julian, Jacki, and I drove to Newport on the Levee for our ice cream. I found it amusing that our route took us from Covington, KY, across the Ohio River to Cincinnati, OH, back to Kentucky, and into a third town, Newport. All this within a few miles drive!

May tomorrow be a day of beautiful discoveries and divine leadings! It is our testimony that our Father guides us through each day of our lives and we are secure in the shelter of His arms.