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Merry Wanderings...Day 12

Though we have almost reached the end of our wanderings, it may prove rather too adventuresome before we actually see the lights of home. According to the weather forecast, there is a rapid freeze-up coming tomorrow...rain and snow are also thrown into the mix. The hazards of winter travel are upon us!

Since it is within a half hour drive, we took in Creation Museum. I am not a fan of museums, but Julian enjoyed it. It seems like too much money for too short of a time because we whiz through those places! 

The guys stayed at Barnes & Noble while Jacki and I strolled through picturesque Newport on the Levee.  

At the end of the riverwalk we came upon a pedestrian bridge and made a spontaneous decision to walk across to the Cincinnati side, never thinking of the possibility of rain at any moment. The umbrellas, of course, were left in the car!

It is a cozy grey kind of day...until it begins to rain. Until the rain turns into a genuine downpour while we are on the Cincinnati side, quite far from our car or the stores. Then it is anything but cozy. It is frigid and wet and miserable!

We walked and jogged back across another bridge (I think I counted 6 within close proximity) and down into the parking garage, where I called Dale and requested an immediate return to the hotel for dry clothes! 

After Jacki and I had discarded our drowned rat appearance, we drove down to Covington for our lunch at Molly Malone's Irish Pub and Restaurant. It was a yummy meal with the best part being the Fondue and Soft Pretzel Appetizer! Dale got Bangers and Mash and I got Shepherd's Pie for the main course. 

Later, Jacki and I drove to the Cincinnati Observatory and downtown. No more strolling in the rain, please! 

The Observatory. I am sure we would have had a splendid view from the overlooks behind and beside it, were it not for the rain and fog rolling in.

Newport, Kentucky, just this afternoon. I'm guessing by nightfall the entire area will have a thick blanket of fog.

This concludes our merry wanderings! Despite the cold and rainy weather, along with various other mishaps, we have had a great trip. I recommend it very highly! It's one good way to build strong family relationship and wonderful memories!


  1. I really enjoyed traveling along on your family wanderings, Karyn! I loved the beautiful buildings and sights that you explored. Makes me want to leave our little farm in the country and travel to see all the wonders that are really not that far away. Maybe next year you could visit Switzerland and take me along ago? :)

    1. Thanks, Brenda! We have a rather singular way of doing trips but have found what works for our family! There is where peace can reign! Oh Switzerland, yes, yes :) We keep talking about a Europe trip but it will take quite something to get beyond talk!


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