Room By Room No.4

If I do a series I should probably not wait TEN months between posts. It was a good idea pushed to the back burner now to be resumed. Today we look at before and after photos of the dining room. 

Our first time seeing the house was on this order...

Ready to clean. 

That was two years ago. Today it looks a bit lighter and a bit brighter!

We painted the upper wall taupe and the lower portion white. I am still waiting to remove the carpeting and (hopefully) find hardwood underneath, change out the light fixture, and do SOMETHING with that ceiling. 

I'm thrilled with the large window and plenty of light in this room. Hurray for snow...we got 6 - 8 inches! It did foil some plans but I love a snow day, so I won't complain.

It's perfect to stay home and get onto my blog once again!

This view is facing toward the kitchen...

The chairs are yard/estate sale finds that I painted and reupholstered. 

New use for a freezer drawer? I think magazine holder will do.

Jacquelyn created this wall decor for her 16th party about a year ago and I decided to let it there. Letters and a silhouette? I love it!

I think the silhouette looks a little like Jacki!

Reading nook. Those dishes are second-hand collections over the course of years. I am a fan of white stoneware. The bottles were buried among the rubbish at the dilapidated garage on our last property in PA. I sprayed them white and added spray-painted hydrangeas. 

Yes, the house next to us is right there. But they are the sweetest neighbors and I just had to adjust to living in a village! I really believe God was planning and preparing just the right place for us because we Love our little village of Sugarcreek!

I'll add a few more snow photos just because it feels so Cozy and Lovely!

May each of you find peace, joy, and contentment in the dwelling God has provided for you, whether a hut or a mansion or somewhere in between!


  1. Wow Karyn, I just love the table and chairs. You did an awesome job!!!! Thanks so much for posting.

    1. So you don't think I ruined perfectly good wooden chairs :) I know some people would think so, but I love white!

  2. I don't think I ever commented here before, but i must tell you that I love your style and taste. But here's the interesting part: I stumbled across your blog by a comment you had left somewhere, and when I saw your house, I told my husband "I KNOW that house!" And sure enough, by reading long enough, I discovered you do indeed live near where I grew up and I went past your house often since we lived near Dover. 20 years ago, I met a good man and he took me to PA (near Myerstown) so when we go home to my parents, I see your house and I smile, cause I know the beauty inside.

    1. How nice of you to stop by with that sweet comment! I come from PA so it is doubly special. I appreciate your encouragement! God bless you!


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