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Ask Anything

Does that sound as extravagant to you as it does to me? It seems too good to be true. Ask anything and I'll do it. That is what Jesus says in John 14:14.
"Ask anything in my name and I will do it."
But what does it mean to ask in Jesus' name? I believe that is the key, and perhaps, the missing component for most of our asking. The preceding verses in John 14 discuss some criteria for asking and receiving.
-  steadfastly believe in Jesus as God's Son -  love Him -  obey His commands -  believe that Jesus is in the Father and the Father in Him
In simple terms...believe, love, and obey Jesus. If I walk in that way, I can ask anything in His Name. That is what Jesus did when He lived on this earth. He believed, loved, and obeyed His Father in all things, thus having the privilege of asking His Father for anything and it was done. 
My heart's desire is to live the same way Jesus did. I have much yet to learn, but I find He is a faithful, patient, and loving teacher. Where …

Room By Room...No.5

Master Bedroom
The most wonderful aspect of the renovation of this room is that we are not about to move! It has been my experience to redo the master, only to end up moving within a short time. The pleasure of beautifying our retreat, knowing we get to stay here, is exquisite!
Here is the before photo, when we first toured the house.

The blank slate...

We have lived with this 'original' messy-paint-job look for two years. Then Dale had an overnight business trip last week, and it occurred to me that is the perfect opportunity to freshen up our bedroom. 

It was a major upheaval for most of the week! I got it painted and put back together by the end of the week (with a few minor changes this week), and now it speaks peace and calm!

Just give me gallons of white paint! Even the ceiling tiles got painted. I decided there is no use waiting until they get replaced. Instead, I put in hours of back-breaking labor, trying to get all the slits and cracks filled with primer then paint. I am s…

Shutters to Headboard

Need a new headboard? Me too! Shutters to the rescue.

The pile of shutters out in the patio is decreasing as I use them in my decor! What fun, not paying a cent for a new look!
Jacki and I cleaned them up and I applied a coat of shiny black paint. My little-used front foyer is a great place for these projects when it's way too cold outside.

This morning Dale cut then fastened two boards across the back (top and bottom) of all five of shutters to create one solid panel. Incidentally, I think that is a sweet thing for my husband to do for me on Valentine's Day! We helped each other put it together and set it up behind the bed. Practical. Not so very romantic. But the beauty of working together at whatever it is that needs to be done creates a happiness deep inside of my heart!

It's a happy day at the Schmucker residence!

Jacquelyn's Essay

Our daughter, Jacquelyn, has been toiling her way through a particularly tough assignment in Literature. It brought up many questions that some young girls might never even venture to ask. The content was at times disturbing and, at worst, downright misleading. There is a danger in it, for it could mar a girl's innocence and instill a sense of gloom and doubt on life itself.

The other side of the picture is that sometimes reading material which is not correct, according to our views, can also cause the reader to seek answers from God or godly counsellors. In this case, Jacki went to her father with her doubts and questions. We believe God used this tool in her life at just this time to mold and shape a portion of the masterpiece He is creating of her life (see Ephesians 2).

Here is her 16-year-old perspective on Leo Tolstoy's TheKreutzer Sonata.

In Response to The Kreutzer Sonata

As I read the story of Pozdynshev and his tragic despair of life, my heart was deeply saddened. I know…

40th Birthday Party

On this fortieth birthday I am overwhelmed with friends and the beauty of friendship! There has been a literal outpouring of love, blessing, and gifts like I've never experienced before in my life. I feel perfectly undeserving and quite humbled by it all. 
At last count, I've had 7 celebrations with anywhere from 1 to 47 friends and family per party. My birthday was almost two months ago and I am still feeling the repercussions! Seriously, a person could get really spoiled by this!
I choose to bow my head and give thanks to God for friends and family whom I love dearly! I am rich!
The grand celebration with over forty guests was held at my house at my request! When asked by a friend which restaurant I'd choose for the party, I decided to ask if my house would do, since I've wanted to have the ladies here and wasn't getting to it. 
Then I panicked at what I'd done. What if 60, 70, 80 ladies showed up and we couldn't fit them in? It is a distinct possibility, for…